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I have + 3 years experience in software development in general , I am working as a software developer at innovation team @ Etisalat Misr and My mainly interests in algorithms, Neural Networks ,Machine Learning , DataStructres , Compilers Theory, Automata, Java Technologies, Research .

My key strengths includes :
- Strive for continued excellence ,With a BS degree in Computer Science, I have a full
understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project.
- Designed, developed, and supported live use applications.
- Strong problem solving skills i solved ACM Problems in a different science scopes like (algorithms,data structure ,math,...).
- Strong experience with java Cores and JEE technologies.
- Complete knowledge of object-oriented programming and Design Patterns .
- Experienced in Telecommunications business from my work experience at ُEtisalat
Egypt and NTG Clarity Egypt .
- My working at Innovation Team (Etisalat Egypt) and Research and development Team (NTG Clarity Egypt) gave me a strong power in researching and investigating.

Soft Skills:
• Ability to learn new technologies and sciences.
• Research Abilities acquired from several projects.
• Ability to work under pressure and within teamwork.
• Ability to architect, design and develop large scale applications

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Java Software Engineer

Etisalat Misr

Role Overview:

-Maintain up to date knowledge of technology market landscape innovation and trends to develop and propose ideas and resolutions for corporate challenges in order to provide an innovative edge for Etisalat in the market

-Draft and demonstrate ideas & prototypes to Innovation Council, Innovation Management Committee, and Commercial business owners, to pioneer & penetrate new markets.

- Foster Technology Innovation culture within IT by attracting creative professionals and giving them an opportunity to participate in resolving complex corporate challenges.

Achievements :

  • Virtual Reality Store: Build and develop a virtual reality app using GoogleCard Board SDK for android  and Unity3D framework for Etisalat to enhance the shopping process Etisalat Stores.
  • I-innovation portal: I-innovation portal is an innovation management platform developed at Etisalat Egypt to manage innovation process throw contests and challenges , user join contest and submit ideas at specified challenge then ideas go throw stages (filtration , fine tune, ….,etc ) ,the contest end by the final stage and finally choose winner ideas which passed all of the contest stages using latest web technologies: jsf 2.0, richfaces , hibernate  ,html5,css .

  • Customer service Calls tone analyzer : Analyze the calls occurred between agents and customers by using speech to text techniques then process a tone analyzing on the text to show emotional feedbacks on the call. Which could improve the effectiveness of the calls and how they are acting. Using Jsp, Servlet,Js,IBM Watson.
  • Push notification on the open web : Enhance the current Etisalat Official Portal by using    the latest technologies of Java Script community just as Service Workers, promises , app Manifest to make a push notification service for Etisalat desktop clients .

  • Self Service  : enhance the current  self service (Help Center) on Etisalat Portal by using the latest technology in this field NLP and Deep Learning IBM Watson on bluemix (Speech to text and tone analyzer ) . 
Feb 2016May 2016

Neural Networks Researcher 

Neuroph (Neural Networks Java Framework)

Contribute in Neuroph by researching and development  to add more neural networks models to make the usage of  neural networks  more easy for programmers in their projects and my mainly current role is to implement and LSTM Networks to avoid the long-term dependency problem. Remembering information for long periods of time in RNN (recurrent networks )

Dec 2014Present

Java Software Engineer

NTG Clarity

Worked at R&D team

Achievements :

  • ITTS:ITTS manages the complete workflow or life cycle of network project, from request or initiation to completion and delivery. ITTS is a complete workflow management system that executes defined processes according to business logic, rules, and policies defined by your company. It allows you to design templates for common projects and to schedule, deliver and monitor the projects and all associated tasks 
    this project developed using : java ,jsf 2.2, primefaces, maven ,html5,css,….
  • NTGFaces:NTGFaces Extensions is a lightweight, UI component library for applications based on JavaServerFaces 2.2x & primefaces 5.1. This project has been built on top of the PrimeFaces core library to make our own components. NTGFaces Extensions consists of newly added components that don't exist in other JSF 2 &primefaces based libraries as well as extended or improved component features missing in other popular JSF 2&primefaces libraries. Besides these components, it provides useful client behaviors, converters, validators, and other useful tools, such as a Maven plugin, for web resource optimization. It only uses standards and is highly compatible with existing JSF 2.2 & primefaces 5.1 frameworks.
    this project developed using : java ,jsf 2.2, primefaces, javascript,html , css.
  • RCY:The Royal Commission of Yanbu (RCY) is dedicated to manage all the services of the residential city and especially to develop new services around the Telecom and IT technologies. Residents (owners, tenants) and Office workers are targeted to access more value added services based on an open network and consequently make the smart city an attractive place for new operators , I was member of Billing team who help to customize NTS Billing to be adapted to integrate with other RCY project Modules throw Middleware Service Bus.
    this project developed using: java, SOAP Web Services, maven .
Mar 2012Nov 2013

Software Developer

Arab Tc

Achievements :

  • MTM:E-Commerce web site for Selling goods, in the traditional sense with dynamic admin panel to add new products and manage Products in stock this project developed using PHP, html5, css, JavaScript ,MYSQL.
  • Arab-TCAcademic web app developed using php and MySQL.…manage everything inside the academy manage courses, students, instructors .
    this project developed using :PHP, javascript , html5, css, MYSQL.
  • 3ageel-Network News:Network news web app developed using PHP and MySQL. 3agel Network is a daily 3agel Network-News Video news and documentary service Best of the Web: News and Analysis. Radio 3agel you Can listen to it online. Share news throw Facebook and comment on it using Facebook
    this project developed using :PHP,html5,css,MYSQL.
  • [email protected]:Help small business’s owners to establish a complete, private and FREE web store to sell their products ONLINE. Where it consists of an aggregate online shopping mall, separate Merchant stores and built over an Expandable application platform.
    this project developed using: PHP, Symfony2, Doctrine2, html5, css.


Sep 2008Sep 2013

B.Sc. of Computer Science

Faculty of Computers and Information, Ain Shams University, Egypt () 
  • Total B.Sc. Computer Science [CS Department Grade : Very Good].
  • Graduation Project: Virtual Science Lab.
  • Graduation Project Grade: Excellent with full mark.

Additional Information

  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Birth Date:  May. 9, 1991.
  • Languages:
    • Native Language: Arabic.
    • English: Fluent Read/Write, Very Good at Speaking.



 + 3 years experience with Excellent skills with java cores and REST & SOAP webservices