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Work experience

During the summer of 2011 I trained at Saudi Electricity Company .



King Saud University

Computer Engineer Specialization equips students with necessary knowledge bodies and tools to develop and understand computer systems, Make the student able to provide technical advice for specifications of the computing systems to select the fittest of them, supervising the installation and operation, preparing necessary technical equipment. also he can design, develop and manage computer networks. 

I'm seeking to Accomplish my learning in this field, which is combination of technology to support operations,security system and control, management and decision-making.

Date of Graduation is July 2012 ,  GPA is 3.85 / 5 .

Graduation Project:

I worked on OSR translator, the project  is an idea of a software program for Smart PDA mobiles with embedded camera. This program uses the mobile camera to take a picture of any English word and automatically translates it into Arabic without the need of entering that word manually to the mobile.


communication skills.
Ability to deal with Router and switch efficiently
Efficient researching
Adaptive thinking and critical problem solving
Microsoft office applications
Project Management by ms project software
Java programming


A technology passionate with a desire for improving my capabilities in the field of information assurance services and technologies industry, Graduated from "Computer Engineering department" at College of Computing and Information Sciences at King Saud University ,graduating on July 2012.



Reading: Excellent    Writing: Excellent    Speaking: Native


Reading: Excellent    Writing: Excellent    Speaking: Intermediate

Professional Courses

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA ) .
  • Certified Microsoft SharePoint,Approved by KSU .
  • Personal Success skills,Approved by the British Academy Global .