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Sep 2011Jul 2016

Bachelor of Communication and Computer Engineering (CCE)

Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University (Credit Hours System)

Major: Computer Engineering (CCE-C).

Cumulative GPA: 2.84 (B-) (Very Good)

Major Experience

Jul 2015Sep 2015

JavaEE Developer Trainee

GDC Department - IBM Egypt
  • Developing static webpages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developing dynamic webpages using Servlets, JSPs and Ajax.
  • Build a complete 3-tier buissness website. 
Jan 2015Jan 2015

Embedded System Assistant Engineer

Center of Nano-electronics & Devices - American University in Cairo
  • Get familiar with solar panels characteristics.
  • Developing electronic sensing circuits.
  • Controlling using PIC micro-controller.
  • Testing and Verifying the design.
Oct 2014May 2015

IT Committee Executive

  • Design Organization's Database and Website
Aug 2014Sep 2014

Database Administrator Trainee

Engineering Consultants Group S.A. (EGC)
  • Introduced to PL/SQL
  • Got familiar with Oracle Database.
  • Design using Oracle Forms and Reports
Jun 2014Jul 2014

Software Developer Trainee

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC)
  • Learned the fundamentals of System Security
  • Introduced to Backup and Archiving systems


Mobile Application Developer with Worklight Studio v6.1 - IBM

  • Develop a mobile application to run on an Android or iOS platform by using the IBM Worklight hybrid coding approach.
  • Use IBM Worklight client-side APIs for cross-platform portability
  • Use the Apache Cordova framework to access native device functions
  • Use IBM Worklight server-side APIs (adapters) for back-end integration

Important Projects

  • Rakbeny: A mobile based trip planner app that helps users travel through cairo using public transportation. (Android, Servlets)
  • Sudoku Solver: Designing and implementing an intelligent Sudoku playing software agent. (Java)
  • Project Tasker: Developing a hybrid mobile application using IBM Worklight Studio to help organize teamwork through tasks which saving time and effort. (IBM Worklight, Java)
  • Flickers Registration App: Create a recruitment application and export data to excel sheets. (Java)
  • Media & ME: Allows advertisement agencies to control payment regulations and timings of companies advertising through it. (Java)
  • Flowchart Designer-Simulator: Implement a flowchart designer/simulator. (C++ , OOP)
  • Maze Solver: Simulate a mouse in a maze. (C++)
  • HyperMarket: Create a database system with GUI. (C#, SQL)
  • Pipelined Processor: Design and implement a simple pipelined processor using Von Neumann or Harvard architectures. (VHDL)
  • Solar Panel Characterizer: Design and implement an embedded system to draw VI curve for solar panels. (C, PIC Microcontrollers)
  • Automated Educational Improvement System: Designing a multi-user, multi-authority web application. (HTML, CSS, AngularJS, PHP)