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Personal Details:

Date of birth: 22nd February 1994

Place of birth: Peshawar

Gender: male

Nationality: Pakistani

Address: House: 229, Street:04, Phase:2, Sector: H1, Hayatabad, KPK

City: Peshawar

Telephone: +923379718377

Email: [email protected]

Carrier Objective:

To obtain a good position in my engineering field and work sincerely to achieve my goals. Will strive hard to serve my country and company. I’m an ambitious hardworking and a cooperative person and I’m sure u wont regret hiring me as an internee in your company. 





National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences-(Fast)

BS Electrical Engineering (7th semester)


Higher Secondary College:


F.S.c (1st Division)


Secondary School:

Edwardes college & school

Secondary Schooling and O-levels (Cambridge International Examination)


Apr 2015

4th Khana-e-Fun Art Competition

Art & Design Iqra National University
Mar 2015

Leadership Development Conference

Lions Club International

One Day Workshop

Nov 2014

Leadership Conference

The International Association Of Lions Clubs

3 Days Conference

Jun 2010

Living Life & Self Discovery

Department Of Professional Studies, Edwardes College Peshawar

One Day Workshop

Mar 2010

6th International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest 2010

Pakistan Kangaroo Commission
Sep 2008

International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest 2008

May 2006

Tableau Competition

Qadims Lumiere

1st Position

Jul 2002

 WWF Spellathon 2002/3

WWF Pakistan
Mar 2001

Young Learners English MOVERS

Oct 2000

Young Learners English STARTERS

University  Of Cambridge 


  • Reading Novels 
  • Watching Movies
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Travelling