Civil Engineering


Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology compound V

2008 - 2013


Istudied civil engineering department grade of acceptable and very good high estimate in the project



Cared much attention to physical fitness and go for Jim also interested in the sport of running 30 minutes a day

Adore novels World writer Naguib Mahfouz also adore playing football and interest in physical fitness and going to the gym as I prefer to play Playstation with my friends in free time



2012 - 2013

AutoCAD  Civil 3d / SAP  primavira Etabs & Safe Proken

All of these prestigious programs of the utmost importance for the civil engineer own art project management for the design and drawing of roads, buildings and urban planning and design of concrete buildings

تاريخ العمل

تاريخ العمل

A recent graduate

civil engineer

Engineer specialized in the work of design and concrete paving and roads, testing and analysis of aggregates, cement, roads, bridges and irrigation works samples and sanitation and the space