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Acquire a challenging position where I can apply and enhance my educational background and get the chance to work in real life projects to improve my software development skills.



4th grade student.

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Ain Shams University

Studying software engineering.


RSA Public-Key Cryptosystem

Implemented using C++

A client program that encrypts and decrypts an extended precision  arithmetic data type (big integer) messages using RSA. 

Platform Game

Implemented using OpenGL

Platform game involves guiding an avatar to jump over obstacles or running. The project specify many requirements as skybox, load texture, collision detection, scene lightening, load model and animate it. 

Shunting Yard Algorithm

Implemented using C++

Console application that take a mathematical expression and find out its RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). 

Mini Operating System

Implemented using C

It’s Operating system course project where some features was added which load and run multiple user programs, allow user program to dynamically allocate and free memory space at run time, handle page faults during execution and exit any of the loaded programs. 

Building MIPS CPU

Using VHDL

Mini CPU which support R-Type instructions as AND, OR, SUB, ADD, STL, NOR and I-Type instructions as LW, SW, BEQ, BNE and J-Type instructions as JUMP. 



C/C++, Java


 Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure

Soft Skills

Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Presentation and Communication skills, Self-learning, Self-Motivation, Team Work, Mentoring Skills.

Awards & Honor Certificates 

-College Certificate for achieving 1st place on Introduction to computer project.

-College Certificate for achieving 3rd place on Algorithms Analysis & Design project.

-College Certificate for achieving 8th place on Operating System project.

-ACM-ASCIS Local team contest’14, 9th place/25

Extra Curricular Activities

-Problem solving training in 'ACM-ASCIS'

-Java Programming Workshop in 'IEEE SFE-Computer Club'