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Work experience

Accountant In Yadak Company

4-Accountant in yadak company Employer: distributor P&G Egypt Employer Country: Egypt From: Job description: I'm responsible of Retail vans operations accounts for Upper Egypt (From El menia to Aswan 60 van) and make Average sales, Target By Cases. and Responsible for the safe deposits of retail sales.

Accountant In Sky Company

3-Accountant in Sky company Employer: distributor of the third mobile phone network (Etisalat masr) in Egypt Employer Country: Egypt From: Job description Accountant Asyut Branch, responsible for sales and Computer Analysis and was responsible for the Treasury and Treasury Subcommittee Chairperson of expenses

Teller & Operations In Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank Sohag Branch
2-Teller & Operations in Barclays Bank Employer: Employer Country: Egypt From: Job description Reviewing all out going and ingoing transfers. Reviewing all cheques before sending for collection. Dual control on cash area with my cash manager Reviewing all certified and draft cheques issued. Ensure proper filing of documents and correspondences. Receipt and delivery of the money from customers and make transfers between accounts Perform any additional task as assigned

Teller In Union National Bank

Union National Bank(UNB) Assiut Branch
1-Teller in Union National Bank Employer: Employer Country: Egypt From: Job description Handling all different types of cash transactions, Perform duties related to inward/outward remittance, Process Inward cheques for collection and to perform duties related to demand deposit and term deposit. Ensure that cash bill is balanced and also ensure that the dated captured has balanced. Receive, pay and count cash, and verify it by denominations and total with the deposit/withdrawal vouchers. Scan and examine all foreign currency notes received from customers Report any cash shortage or surplus to cash supervisor Buy and sell foreign currencies from and to customers which involve counting, sorting money, complete and validate the vouchers and pay out the equivalent in Egyptian pounds or credit them in the account. And I was assigned by my ex-managers to initiate all acts of customer service & my tasks has been as the following: Attract new clients and retain current client base. Market bank retail products through continuous outdoor calls. Marketing our services to our potential customer. Open current & saving accounts. Prepare, deliver and register customers check books. Answer customer's daily inquires(Account Movement-Authenticate Signatures-Balance Inquiry-Withdraw Checks by commercial register or by power of attorney) Signatures scanning(insert-Modify-Delete). Open customer time deposits. Renewal and breaking customers time deposits. Marketing and processing our new products. Follow up(inactive letters-Zero balance-ATM fees_. Etc). Weekly & Monthly reports Monthly proofs. Processing our daily entries on the system. Daily filing


Employer: company(Sister company CIB Bank) Employer Country: Egypt From: Job description Providing Leasing services to corporate customers. Developing prospects from multiple sources, referrals and leads within assigned sector. Contacting prospective customers to present information and explain available services. Determining customer service needs and prepare proposals to fulfill those needs. Conducting presentations on services to groups to attract new clients. Evaluating costs and revenue of relationships to determine continued profitability. Attracting premium clients based on a scientific market research. Activate and expand business relations with existing clients with whom strategy is to grow. Ensuring that portfolio shall be characterized by an acceptable risk profile via monitoring collections and watch list clients. Responsible to drive achievement of set targets and related strategy. Assist in deriving strategy with regards to clientswithin assigned portfolio. Previous employment

Senior Officer-Corporate

Job title: Senior Officer-Corporate


Sep 1998Nov 2001


Asyut University


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