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I believe in excellence. Writing isn't about just putting words on paper, it's about expressing ideas. Like any art, the writer has only been successful if the reader sees what he sees, hears what he hears, and feels what he feels. When I write, I strive for clarity, simplicity and something that will stir the reader to action. Any subject, no matter how dull it seems, has something in it that can excite; otherwise it would die from apathy. I want to find that thing which excites and express it to others.

Professional Experience

I am a financial editor and translator for Arabic and English languages with long and strong experience that up to two years. My career has much of professionalism and excellence in the fields of editing and translation, so I have a lot of skills, which make me eligible to contributing and achieving the shared objectives to any company as a financial editor. I have also the teamwork skills, which will help you to exceed your goals and aspirations.

Work experience

Editor & Translator


Editor and Translator for more than a year and half.

Editor & Translator

Fx News Today

Editor and Translator for more than a year and half.

The general manager of Arabian Stock Markets.

Writer & Editor

Amlak Real Estate Newspaper

Editor for more than two years.

Writer & Editor

Yahoo Tumblr Blog  "Discover Dubai"

Writer for more than six months.


Andovar "Language Services Company"

Translator for more than two years.


S.C University, Faculty of Physical Education