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  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science.
  • No internships yet but I work as Freelancer and Independent Security Researcher.

Work experience


Technical Support

Helping Clients to setup their Website And Accounts .


Feb 2013May 2017

Bachelors In Computer Science

Iqra University

Bachelors in Computer Science


Security Testing
In My skills Portion,I have mentioned my Skills .There are many skills and i am not 100% in all skills but My
Specialty is in Security Researching,Penetration Testing and Web Developing .

  • Finding Flaws/Loop Holes in a Web Application .
  • Secure From Hackers.
  • OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities and many many more.
  • Web Development and Designing in a effective and efficient way.



Cobalt, Hackerone, Bugcrowd And Linkedin Profile (Independent Penetration Tester ) (Independent Penetration Tester ) (Independent Penetration Tester ) . 


  1. Secure Web Application .
  2. Web Development and Designing.
  3. Find Flaws/loop holes/Vulnerabilities in a web Application.
  4. Programming experience.
  5. Web Application Vulnerability Exploits.
  6. Database Development.
  7. Wordpress Development .
  8. Joomla Web Development .
  9. Android Application Development(Basic).
  10. Open Cart.


Burp Suite , live http header    Dev C++,   Net Sparker ,  Havij , Eclipse ,   Net Beans ,  Vega,  Acutenix, IP Port Scanner, Visual Studio, Notepad ++,Photoshop, MS Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint) ,Dream weaver, Sublime ,Wordpress, vbulletin, Joomla, OpenCart,   And many many more..

Text Section

Programming Languages

1. C++ Good
2. Java Good
3. C# Good

Scripting Languages:

1. HTML5 Good
2. CSS (Bootstrap) Good
3. PHP Good

Operating Systems:
1. Microsoft Windows Master
2. Linux Good

  • Kali Good

Database System:
1. MySQL


  1. Web Application Security/ Web Application testing .
  2. OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
  3. Wordpress Web Development .
  4. Open Cart Development .
  5. Joomla Development
  6. Web Developing and Designing.


Many Companies have mentioned my name in their web site as reward or appreciation for finding loop
holes/Vulnerabilities. I got hundreds of hall of fame,

These are the some well-

known companies:

Dropbox,Salesforce,Blackberry, Microsoft , Hackerone,Cobalt, Bugcrowd, AVG , Zoho, and many more ....