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Personal details

passport No                        : K7L05H6Z 
AGE                          :  28 
Gender                         :  Male 
Nationality                    :  Libyan


Work History


Workforce & Development Consultant  


Identify & assess SME growth capability & needs.

Develop tailored action plans with each enterprise that identifies their recruitment & training.

Track & monitor the progress of each firm-level assistance activities &  progress.  


Sell & Marketing 

Markslojd Light Group

Finding the right consumer and marketing the Markslojd brand 

Feb 2015Jul 2015

Marketing Executive cum Student Affairs

VI Academy

Student affairs; in charge of all foreign student relating to their personal and official affairs and act as a mediator between students and trainees.

Marketing executive; building business by identify and selling prospects, maintaining relationships with clients, work independently.

Aug 2015Present


Univeresal Dreamwork Marketing

Consulting & assisting with the marketing team.

Consulting & training services with the UDM's partners.

Assist with UDM's public relation department.


Office manager 

Continues Giving for Medical and pharmaceutical service

Assisted in Marketing and handling public relations.

Assisted in Organising and attending medical conferences.

Persuaded clients to buy company’s products and provided an after sale service.


Director of nursing and food service  


Overseeing and managing the work and services provided by the nursing staff. 

Directly supervise the staff by monitoring the distribution of medications, blood draws and other elements of patient care. 

Ensuring quality customer service and compliance based on teamwork.

Academic Achievement and Activities

Active member of Toastmaster Club.   

Universiti Tun Abdul Razak

(Exc. finance). 

Organizing member of Mai Beli sales & marketing program 

PUNB, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Babson College, Bank Rakyat, Karangkraf, Bina Pavo

( associated with PUNB, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Babson College, Bank Rakyat, Karangkraf, Bina Pavo) 2014.

A founder of Unirazak international student club 

University Tun Abdul Razak

(Exc. multimedia and public relation).

Organized Sanggar Budaya 

University Tun Abdul Razak

“Jom Homestay" program 2012.

Active member of Global Peduli Camp 

University Tun Abdul Razak

(associated with universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Babson college, Karangkraf) 2013


Jan 2011Jan 2014

Bachelor of Business Management in (Entrepreneurship) 

University Tun Abdul Razak School of Business

A level 

Libyan high school.

Science stream and English language

Skills and Personal Characteristics

Language proficiency

Arabic (Native)


ASL ( International sing language )

skills and personal characteristics

Microsoft Office and Web browsing ( Internet ), Computer Hardware, Networking
Typist (English, Arabic).
Multimedia and designing, Creative video and presentation making.
Self-Motivated & able to take initiative.
Able to adjust in different Environment.
Studious & confident.
Effective communication.
Planning and Organizing capacity.
Interested in Teamwork.


My vision in life is to learn more languages as well as to experience and gain more working skills, also to experience more work environment to explore more in the professional life, I also would love to work with a team, it is a great way to work and to share work experience, and gain different skills. I would like to work with a Non-profit organization for projects to provide any necessary help to whom in need.
I am mostly focusing on building my entrepreneurial journey and to explore all its sides.