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Happy Life Marketing Company

Company Happy Life only in Port Said ...

A total of stunning luxury of Chinese gold, but many of the multiple products (clothes. All the requirements of Egyptian houses)
And offer you all kinds of cosmetics and brands of the May Company and any Aorfilm and a lot of the only well-known enterprises at Happy Life Amcnam that Thsalo on all home uses and all what you need to care cried and you also will not forget you'll find we have all what you need for your style and not only that but more Bktheir but Atalbo only You will find what does not dream of doing in your hands ..

Sreeto demand where you are and what you will find what you asked before your eyes only at Happy Life ..

Ahmed Farh: 01288847984


Jan 2010Dec 2014

Higher Institute of social service in Port Said



The third license (professional)

Persuasion and influence

Good at all aspects of transactions

Dealing with Computer

Dealing with Office and other programs


You have a lot of projects

Professional Seller

Many of you business

Marketing progam

The email marketing company, is working out ..