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Student of communication and electronics engineering in obour high institute for engineering and technology 

Work experience

May 2015Present


IEEE Egypt Section
Oct 2013Present


Obour High Institute For Engineering And Technology


Technical Skills 


Mobile package

Embedded shape the world

C++ self study

Arduino self study

Advanced C++


C++ programming language 

Expert in programming in oop c++ 

  • Team work 


I have learnt the embedded system from edx course [embedded shape the world] with ARM kit (TM4C123GX) with previous experience in electronics and logic design science from my college and a few background in Arduino and PIC microcontrollers self study.
My first project was a counter with infrared sensor and seven segment display and arm microcontroller with very simple code consists of (IF statement) and this project can be used in several applications in manufacturing.
my second project was a simple car robot with dc motors and this one was for just educational purpose.
my third one is a security system with laser and light sensor and the system was very accurate to differentiate between blocks and glass and other transparent materials.
the course haven't finished yet , iam still have a lot of projects in my schedule.