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Ahmed darwish

Dupty Financial controler (Cost Control, Budgeting and Financial analysis) CMA in Pro


I'm nearly 10 years of rich experience in the field of cost accounting, financial analysis and AR , and I have the ability to provide key financial data, support and reporting to assist in key business decisions. Having excellent communication skills and able to build strong relationships within and outside of a finance department as well as effectively communicating financial information to non-finance colleagues. Possess strong financial and costing knowledge which enable me to rigorously ensure that all the proper and correct costing and financial techniques are applied and met. 

Especially that I worked at major companies added me a lot of experience in the food industry,  also my ambitions to develop and improve myself has no limits. 

Work History


Dupty financial controler

Egyptian canning Co. (Americana)

Responsible for prepared the following (product cost, product GPS, conversion cost (labor&overhead), fixed and variable costs analysis

Monitor profit margin continuously through determation of the fluctuations in various cost elements RM prices, OH, etc and analyze their impact on GPS, CVP analysis, and raise the highlights to senior management to support decision making. 

Prepared GP analysis and compared it with budget. 

Prepared procurement saving Banchmark. 

Mentor plant performance and product line effeiciency. 

Responsible for preparing budgeting process. 

Supply chain presses control 

Prepared feasibility studies, expand in capacity, make or buy and add or drop segment....etc To support the desission making by present IRR, NOV and payback period. 

Monitor cache conversion cycle. 


Chief Accountant

Egyptian canning Co. (Americana group)

-Planning, Studying, and collecting data to determine costs of business activity such as raw material purchases, inventory and labor.

-Analyzing actual manufacturing costs and preparing periodic reports comparing standard costs to actual production costs

-Providing management with reports specifying and comparing factors affecting prices and profitability of products or services.

-Assisting in Month end close of the General Ledger

-Ability to prepare budgeting process starting with sales budget ending with preparation of budgeted financial statements.

-Ability to understand the industry's nature and allocating all of indirect manufacturing expenses based on reasonable cost drivers. 

-Good awareness of standard accounting system through allocating the direct materials with its standard cost and the direct labor cost based on budgeted rates , then allocating variances to financials , finally investigate about variances to improve the performance.

- Good awareness of closing the Job Orders (Batches) on systems through implementing standard costing system, beginning with determination of Bill of Material (BOM) and incorporate it on the system, define the standard labor and manufacturing overhead per unit on the system, ending with clearing the WIP account by offsetting the actual labor & overhead cost with the standard built on the system for journalizing variances then investigate these variances.

- Provide financial analysis and insight into the following areas : ( product cost, product gross margin, customer gross margin, operational cost (labor & overhead), materials variance ( Quantity, Price ), capacity utilization, fixed and variable cost analysis for break-even.

-Monitor profit margin continuously through determination of the fluctuations in various cost elements (RM prices, O/H, etc...) and analyze their impact on gross margin, the impact of sales price, volume, mix (PVM analysis) and raise the highlights to senior management to support decision making.


Chief of Financial Section (Cost control)

Egyptian canning Co. (Americana group)

preparing the income statement for ECC activitys 

-Responsible for Stock control and costing .

-Analyzing Raw materials control used in the production process and analysis

The deviations.

-Preparing income statement and reports for GFI CO. trading activity.

-strong partner in the preparation of the annual budget.

-Good awareness of variance analysis for  production activity.

-Reconcil the accountig  entries for the imported goods; track the related expenses for imported goods and allocating them with all bank charges, insurance cost, and clearing fees. ent

-Analyze Bill of Materials per category and per item.

-Responsible for trading activity


Senior accountant

Egyptian canning Co. (Americana group)

-Responsible for stock control .

-Stock analysis

-Prepare costing reports

-Reconcil the accountig  entries for the imported goods; track the related expenses for imported goods and allocating them with all bank charges, insurance cost, and clearing fees.



Greenland group (Americana group)

-Keeping Customers Accounts (K.Account-W.H-Catering-Retail).

-Preparing sales reports, statement of customers 

-Data Analysis (Financial-Sales).

-Preparing customers aging

-Work at oracle applications and excel sheet



Bachelor's degree

Tanta University



CMA from Cairo University 

Cost accounting certificate (Ain shams University) 

Prepared to CMA P2 exam 

Management skills (Americana group) 



Manufacturing module system

Egyptian canning Co. 

Established full manufacturing system for new project (Beans Plant) on system and simulate the main factory in Dubai through  a business trip there and put the entire perception of the operating cycle from stores and through to production, procurement and supply chain until it is more accurate and disciplined cost system 


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