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Bachelor Of Engineering

Tishreen University
  • Mechanical Power and Renewable Energies Engineering DEPARTMENT
  • Graduation Grade: Good
  • Graduation Project: HVAC System Design and Calculations

(Design of Air Conditioning and ventilating system and its components required and process the Heating system and heat exchanges calculations, Design the Pipe lines and Determine Adequate Pumps , Expansion tanks , Absorbing Chillers)

  • Graduating Project Supervisors: Dr. Mohammed Ali

Work History

Employees Manger

Olabi Textile



HVAC  , Solar Power Resources Examination


Competitive , Cost Estimation , Sources Management , English Speaker

Computer and Software

Microsoft Office , AutoCAD , Inventor 2D&3D, HAP(learner)

Moral & Non Technical

Creative , Effective , Public Speaking , Good Planner , Hard-worker , Teamwork Participator , Good Learner

Off Work Activities

Basketball Player , Computing And Programming learner


Eng. Hadi Nahlawi (ITS engineer, Dubai Uae/+971556251686)