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Solid engineering skills and an aptitude for combining form, fit, and function to achieve end solutions. Adept at understanding functional goals, and deriving creative and innovative solutions to achieving success. 16+ years experience in software development, architecture, and problem solving in complex C++ projects, goal-driven, able to successfully orchestrate relationships in local and global work environments, fueling greater synergy and productivity with fewer channel conflicts from project inception to completion. Architected, designed, and implemented technology for large scale commercial Simulation Projects and Computer Games. Strategic development on commercial game projects including extensive work with middleware and commercial technology.

I have greatly enjoyed a versatile background of achievements in Software Development and Art production pipelines with full life cycle technology leadership in Computer Gaming and Defense Simulation Trainer Industries. Proudly take on challenges that others will shy away from.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Senior Rendering Engineer & Graphics

Hangar 13 Games / 2K Games

Hangar 13, headed by Hayden Blackman, is a new member of the 2K family of game development studios focused on rich open world games. Mafia III is our first intensely challenging and rewarding effort. Responsibilities require complete ownership over development efforts taken including design, implementation, performance optimization, and platform finalization(PC, PS4). My primary tasks included implementation of temporal anti-aliasing, resolving artifacts, and getting the technology release ready. Other efforts have been focused on water surfaces, reflection optimizations, overall CPU and GPU feature and pipeline optimizations for the rendering threads on PC and PS4.

May 2014Feb 2015

Lead Graphics Engineer

Kaneva LLC

Kaneva provides a social gaming platform focusing on purely UGC (User Generated Content) for world building and content. Responsibilities include engine software analysis, architecture and modernization of rendering, physics, and game play capabilities. Identified a methodology for modernization involved an in-depth software analysis using ‘CppDepend’ for cross-cutting and refactoring analysis, ‘Intel GPA Analyzer’ for rendering engine analysis and identification of core concerns. From the analysis, developed a migration approach utilizing a MVVM Adaptor Design Pattern to isolate platform specific rendering and establish a clear interface abstraction that will support multi-platform and deferred rendering capability enhancements. The new engine capabilities will provide a platform to significantly enhance rendering performance, take advantage of screen space deferred shading technologies, unify and enhance UGC environments, and further utilize adaptive shading and geometry manipulation to enhance visual presentation for diffuse only source data (akin to Unreal3 adaptive bump mapping approach).

Mar 2014Apr 2014

Senior Engine Programmer

Tripwire Interactive

Unreal3 engine performance and feature enhancements for OpenGL based deferred rendering pipeline. Also, identified and implemented performance optimization for static light map generation by fixing and enhancing parallelization over multiple cores(non-swarm based approach). Additionally added EDT fill routines for light maps to eliminate bi-linear filtering artifacts at chart boundaries and improvements to auto unwrap routines for lightmap baking on static meshes.

May 2012Sep 2013

Senior Graphics Engine Consultant

Meggitt Defense Simulation Training Systems

CryENGINE 3 Based Design and Implementations for EST II Defense Simulation Project, specialties Include DirectX, OpenGL, HLSL, Digital Content Creation(DCC) scripting, C++, coding standards, design patterns, and problem solving, Advanced lighting and AO for real-time environments, Math, Physics, Artificial Intelligence(AI) logic, and View Culling systems.

Provided support for proposal analysis of 3D visualizations requirements. Designed and Implemented innovative solution for perspective correct multi-user 3d visualization and interaction into a multi-lane homogeneous 3d virtual environment including ballistic trajectory and hit detection(C++). This technology was selected as a market distinguishing factor and is now registered and a patent is pending. Architected system improvements for high fidelity ballistic collision detection within the CryENGINE3 game engine, including latency compensation for system delays between trigger pull and projector output.

Apr 2010Feb 2012

Sr Principal Software Architect

CUBIC Simulation Defense Systems

Responsible for CryENGINE 3 based simulation system engine improvements. Lead role for project software planning on the UAE ITS contract. Roles involved requirements capture, risk analysis, risk mitigation, Microsoft Project based software work plans, proposal, Tiger team reviews, and Initiating Software development team. This is the largest multi-year Defense contract undertaken by CUBIC.

Initiation of JIRA for Agile SCRUM efforts, sprint backlog tracking, and progress reporting for the UAE and CombatREDI projects.

Combat REDI (man wearable suit) software and technology solution architect. Analyzed existing design issues. Revised design to reduce complexity, components, and cost using COTS components and Architectural patterns.

Combat REDI (man wearable suit) software and technology solution architect. Analyzed existing design issues. Revised design to reduce complexity, components, and cost using COTS components and Architectural patterns. Successes in simplification of system integration: 

  • Creation of a C++ Virtual USB device driver abstraction that allows system to be visual system agnostic and easy integration with any runtime platform.
  • Identified and prototyped solution with capability enhancing gyroscope and accelerometer motion sensors while reducing number of sensors required by system.
  • Simplified sensor detection using logical and algorithmic auto detection and auto- system pairing.
  • Revised wireless configuration using low power Bluetooth 4 dual mode chips acting as sensor devices and isolation-bridge to system network. This also reduced wireless interference and extended operation range with significant reduction in components, system cost / complexity.
  • Identified low cost wireless HD video streaming solution for head mounted display system.
  • Proposed future generation system solutions.

Jun 2005Mar 2010

Owner/chief Technology Officer

Wireframe Interactive Inc. (small business, size 25 developers/artists)

3D development Services Company dedicated to advancement of Visual Technologies and 3D Graphics while providing production capabilities benefiting both 3D Games and Simulation systems. As senior programmer and Architect, for engine technologies used for“ The Orb and the Oracle”-commercial game project for Heuristic Park.

  • Full-feature game engine development and integration of commercial technologies such as Granny 3D, GameSpy, SpeedTree, Miles.
  • Programming and design of the engine's Level Editor and scene construction CAD suite.
  • GUI implementations for custom tools, scripts, and in-game UI elements.
  • Outdoor/Indoor lighting engines for real time atmospheric qualities, and Ambient Occlusion/dynamic lighting of indoor scenes.
  • Collision engine and character movement implementations.
  • PhysX integration
  • Optimized PVS system for visibility culling of large world scenes and indoor environments.
  • Performance tuning of engines and rendering using build in profiling functions as well as VTune Code analysis and NVidia profilers.

Solution Architect and developer for the Leica Geosystems Dozer Simulator/Trainer projects. Creative developer and software architect for the GamerLog IP. Multiplayer Network Engine development and GameSpy integration for“ Dungeon Lords” game. Implementation of corporate values and training of lead developers and artists. Continuous process improvements and workflow management implementation through hierarchy.

Global infrastructure development and operations. Review/guidance/solution provider for art and software development efforts. Final review and delivery of project deliverables. Creative and technical solution designer for customer needs and product goals. Project planning, resource management, requirement specifications and coordination with customer expectations.

Feb 2005Jan 2010

R&D Graphics Technology Lead

Meggitt Defense Simulation Systems - formerly FATS Inc

Meggitt Defense Training Systems, formerly FATS INC, provides Training Systems and Defense Systems used by militaries and law enforcement and security agencies around the world.

Responsibilities include management of a 2.1 Million dollar internal Product Improvement projects. Vision carrier for art and Software R&D efforts. Manage offsite and on site artist and programming resources. Utilization of Outsource production capabilities to reduce costs and improve quality and turnaround times for production. Author of advanced simulation software improvements such as Deformable Terrain, Particle Engine, Artist tools, and AI behavior implementations using AI.Implant. Leadership Highlights,

  • Lead developer for company visual technology demonstrations including major presentations for British MoD, and Singapore PCG.
  • Lead team of software engineers providing guidance on software architecture and graphics programming
  • Restructured art department, optimizing workflow between Canada based team members and local Atlanta Artists.
  • Optimized workflow processes for artist tool usage and higher standards of quality achievements.
  • Championed integration and usage of 3rd party technology for system enhancements including Granny3D and AI.Implant.
Aug 1998Jan 2000

Lead Engine Programmer Graphics & Physics

Flying Rock Enterprises

Indie Game Developer featuring “Ace of Angels” space shooter action/strategy MMO at the dawn of the modern MMO era, also a 2002 GDC-IGF award winner for “Technical Excellence”.
Development and design for game engine technology and management of art production staff. Design and implementation of game physics, collision, rendering, shaders, UI, and gameplay components including MMO technology for PVP damage balance, team combat AI logic for capital ships and wingman control logic.



BS in Computer Engineering, math minor

University of Alabama at Huntsville


GDC 2001-2005, 2009 Training and Tutorial sessions.

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Software Architecture, Game Engine Technology, Simulation Systems, Training Solutions, Project Planning (both SCRUM and MS Project), Rapid Prototyping, Large Developments, System Design, Requirements Analysis, Requirements Traceability, Software Metrics, Software Refactoring, Code Coverage, Defect Analysis, Performance Optimization, Hardware /Software Integration, Multi/Cross Platform Lifecycles, Firmware Development, Object Oriented Design, Software Patterns.


C/C++ C# Obj-C Embedded-C Win32 API MFC DirectX 9/11 OpenGL CG / HLSL Shaders Apple IOS iPhone Games Razor CPU/GPU analysis and optimization for PS4 Max Plug-in MaxScript Heuristic based pattern recognition and adaptation Neural Networks