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Ahmad specializes in:

  • Training in:
    • Public Speaking
    • Creative Thinking
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Teambuilding program
  • Development of in-house trainers
  • Competency training
  • 70:20:10 Blended Learning

Ahmad is currently the Business Development Manager of his family business, MyriadVentures which has successfully ventured into various fields such as food and beverages, home stay, training, and publishing. He co-developed the administrative and logistics infrastructure behind the business to ensure a smooth running of the various operations.

Ahmad is also the Sales Manager and one of the trainers for AcceLearn Solutions. As a trainer, Ahmad has vast experience in public speaking and speaking engagements due to his years as a member of the globally renowned Toastmaster International. He speaks and conducts workshops on a range of topics including creative thinking, public speaking, motivation, and entrepreneurship. He has conducted and facilitated workshops for the likes of Addecco Malaysia, Chartis, and Junior Chamber International and more.

Ahmad is certified in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), and is also a Licensed Trainer with MiniWorkshopSeries®, an all-new approach to training that delivers compact 4-hour workshops. He applies NLP, experiential learning methods, and accelerated learning techniques to help bridge the knowing and doing gap while maximizing learning during his training. He conducts workshops and talks on creative thinking, public speaking, and entrepreneurship.

He is also a member of Toastmasters International (club: Malaysian Institute of Management Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur) and has even competed locally and internationally.

As a jack of all trades, apart from public speaking and entrepreneurship, Ahmad also has experience in marketing and graphics design. Coming from a psychology background, he immensely enjoys interacting with people and understanding what makes them tick.

Work experience



Khalifah International Children's Carnival Day 2006

Organized and coordinated a family-oriented Children's Carnival in 2006. Organized by the Khalifah Institute - a non-profit Islamic charitable trust founded by the late Prof. Mohd. Al-Mahdi; a protege of B. F. Skinner.


  • Liaising with lower academic institutions to promote the event
  • Logistical support and coordination during the event
  • Documents preparation
  • Various logistical works


World Malay Youth Exchange Program 2007

Organized a Youth Exchange Program whereby Malay youths from Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom came together for a six-day gathering, revisiting and celebration of Malay culture in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Organized jointly by GPTD (Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia - World Civilizational Research Group) and several government bodies and NGOs.


  • Contact liaison
  • Logistical support
  • Itinerary planning

Media Liaison


Working as part-time volunteer as official media liaison with GPTD (Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia - World Civilizational Research Group), a Malaysian youth NGO specializing in professional volunteer training and alternative youth development.


  • Liaising with the media
  • Official representative at various functions, talks, and programs
  • Expanding and maintaining a database of all national and international contacts

Kebab Man

Ali Baba & 40 Dishes

Worked part-time as part of the night shift crew (6PM - 6AM) of Ali Baba & 40 Dishes - a popular Kurdish restaurant residing next to the Metropolis nightclub in Fremantle, Australia - offering delactables such as Turkish Delights and kebabs (Arabian version of the Subway sandwich).


  • Working in a five-man team to serve more than twenty - very hungry and usually drunk - customers at a time
  • Working under extreme pressure from the heat of the stove to the steam of the crockery washer
  • Being able to adapt to constantly changing situations - from cleaning up puke to throwing away barrels of dirty cooking oil to remembering up to ten different orders while cooking
  • Working for twelve hours nearly non-stop with only a Sprite and a kebab to last you the whole time
Jul 2009Present

Licensed Trainer (Pro)


Licensed Trainer for MiniWorkshopSeries (MWS) specializing in competency-based training modules. Delivered in dynamic and impactful 4-hour workshops, the MWS training method is perfect for busy professionals and yet packed with enough content to apply immediately. With over 80 soft-skills based workshop titles, MWS is the key stepping stone to bringing your organization to the next level.

Feb 2011Present

Sales Manager, Trainer

AcceLearn Solutions

Partnered with MiniWorkshopSeries, AcceLearn Solutions was founded with the desire to help organizations capitalize on their learning investments and be able to effectively measure the returns, at a fraction of the price. AcceLearn Solutions specializes in competency-based training, consulting and consultative training.


  • Strategic business planning
  • Sales KPIs and pipeline
  • Client consultation and presentation
  • Conduct training workshops
Feb 2011Present

Business Development Manager


MyriadVentures is the umbrella company by Ahmad Fakhri and Jamilah Samian. It supports the various family business ventures that the family members are in, such as publishing, homestay, cookies, and training.


  • Marketing and Social Media management
  • Logistics and Operational support
  • Website and Graphics development and design
Oct 2010Feb 2011

Product Manager

Priority Sky

Priority Sky is the Country Representative (Malaysia) of MiniWorkshopSeries, a global brand in competency-based training with a presence in India, Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Malaysia.


  • Client consultation and presentation
  • Preparation and emcee-ing for MWS Launch in KLCC
Dec 2008Sep 2010

Corporate Development Consultant

TeamBuilders International

Working part-time as a corporate development consultant with TeamBuilders International, a US-based company with offices in Malaysia and overseas, specializing in hyper-customized training programmes such as Executive Education, Performance Management Systems, and Teambuilding and Management Games and Workshops.


  • Graphics designing
  • Helping to hyper-customize and to develop client's programmes
  • Co-conducting Power Debriefing sessions
  • Providing logistical support
May 2009Apr 2010

PR Director

Division C Council, District 51, Toastmaster International

The Division C Council ensures smooth communication lines between the District and Club levels, preparing essential training for Toastmaster members as well as organizing various activities and events to benefit clubs, such as the International Speech Contest.


  • Media publications
  • Blog site development and maintenance
  • Graphic design.


AL Advancement of Human Potential

Working as part-time volunteer on occasional basis as part of the logistics team.


  • Ensuring that the trainer / facilitator is reminded of and keeping to the time
  • Keeping seminar / training area tidy and ready for the trainer / facilitator
  • Co-facilitate game sessions
  • Various logistical support


Public Speaking
Very experienced in speaking in public such as emcee-ing, seminaries and giving speeches.   Notables: Toastmasters rank: Competent Communicator Member of MIM KL (Malaysian Institute of Management - Kuala Lumpur) Toastmasters Club One of six grand finalists in Toastmasters International District 51 International Humour Speech Contest 2008 Champion of Tall Tales contest hosted by a local Toastmasters club in 2008 Trainer and facilitator at various training programmes  
Bahasa Malaysia
Spoken Malay: Proficiency: Expert (3/5)   Written Malay: Proficiency: Expert (3/5)   Able to converse and write fairly well in Bahasa Malaysia.
Graphics & Media Design
Flash Animations: Proficiency: Expert (4/5) Experience: Since 2004   Very experienced in animating in Flash, creating professional and high quality custom flash animations. Have also done commissioned work.   Graphic Designing: Proficiency: Advanced (3/5) Experience: Since 2004   Have created, designed, and worked on posters, banners, business cards, logos, corporate presentations (MS Powerpoint), e-cards. Have also done commissioned work. Some done in conjunction with Flash.   Photography: Proficiency: Intermediate (2/5) Experience: Since 2008 Have worked on weddings.   Video Editing: Proficiency: Intermediate (2/5) Experience: Since 2007   Fairly basic to intermediate video editing skills - used in conjunction with Flash.


Jan 2007Oct 2010

Matriculation & 66.6% of Psychology

HELP University College


Student Clubs:

  • Founded and presided the HELP Study Excursion Club (HSEC) (2007 - 2008), a student club focusing on holistic experiential learning with emphasis on hands-on learning
  • President of EduPower Infinitum Club (EPIC) (2009), a student club focusing on training primarily at student level
  • Member of UMMA (United Muslims Moving Ahead), a student club focusing on helping young Muslim students synergize faith and life, as well as fostering understanding of Islam to non-Muslims

GCSE O Levels

Fairview International School


  • Head of Disciplinary Board
  • Prefect
  • Class Monitor
  • Emcee for various small and large school events
  • Vice Captain of one of the four student Houses
  • Captain of various student clubs


Mar 2009Present

Certified NLP Practitioner

National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NFNLP)
Jul 2009Present

MWS Licenced Trainer (Professional)