Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2009 - Present

Freelance Director of Photography / Camera Operator

Ahing Huang

Reality television, Corporate, Documentary, Live music, Live events, Commercial, Industrial, as well as Cinema narratives and mockumentary styles.



Canon C300

Extensive knowledge of Canon C300 in EF mount configurations.

Sony PMW-F3 and Workflow

Extensive knowledge of Sony F3 configurations as well a wide array of PL Cine prime and zoom lenses and utilization of external recorders such as:  Ki-Pro, Ki-Pro Mini, Sound Devices PIX Series, Nanoflash, and more.


Owner/Operator of professional microphones:   Lectrosonics wireless lavaliers and handheld microphones Neumann KMR-81 shotgun microphone Sennheiser  ME66  shotgun microphone


Owner/Operator of a wide array of lighting instruments:   Frezzi on-camera lighting:  tungsten, LED, and HMI Arri tungsten lights from 150w up to 2k Kino Flo fluourescent lighting systems HMI portable lighting A vast array of various grip and electrical equipment as well    

ENG Camera Systems

Extensive knowledge of operation and maintenance of ENG acquisition systems including: Panasonic P2 solid state:  HPX series, HVX series, Varicam series Panasonic tape-based:  SDX900, HDX900 Sony solid state:  EX1, EX2, NX series Sony tape-based:  HDV, DVCAM, Beta SP, Digi-Beta Sony optical:  XDCAM Ikegami solid state and tape-based cameras as well

GoPro POV Cameras and Workflow

Owner/Operator of (6) six GoPro Hero HD cameras as well as every stock mount available.   Custom mounts also available for mounting to various animals including but not limited to:  dogs, horses, small farm animals, automobiles, motorcycles, and small aircraft.

Red Digital Cinema - One / Scarlet / Epic

Extensive knowledge of Red One and Red MX cameras as well as a wide array of PL Cine prime and zoom lenses.

Arriflex Alexa

Extensive knowledge of Arriflex Alexa and Alexa Plus configurations as well a wide array of PL Cine prime and zoom lenses.   Extensive familiarity with Arri camera accessories and builds.

DSLR Cameras and Workflow - Canon 5D mk2 / mk3, 7D

Extensive knowledge of Canon DSLR video as well as Canon lenses and various DSLR accessories.

Panasonic P2 Cameras and Workflow

Owner/Operator of a Panasonic AG-HPX500 as well as an AG-HVX200 for over (4) four years.   I also own a custom portable P2 export system that is arguably the fastest in the world from P2 card to deliverable/workable.   Extensive knowledge of P2 post-production workflows for all NLE platforms including but not limited to:  Avid, FCP, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas.