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Telephone : (002)-01090523294 – 01204828622
 Email [email protected]
Place of Birth : Elmandoura - Dessouk - Kafr El_Sheikh. (Family Address)

Marital Status : Single . , Military Status : Exempt , Date of Birth :1-1-1992 .


 kafrEl_Sheikh University

Oct 20092014 in Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Machines

Grade : Good   

Graduation Project : On Early detection for abnormal detection by new technique.

 Graduation Project Grade : Excellent

Work experience

Green fields

Sep 2014Dec 2014

electrical  Engineer

maintenance engineer for  dairy factory 

Daltex group 

Dec 2014Jul 2015

electrical engineer 

electrical engineer for maintenance of power station 7 MVA


Nov 2012Dec 2012

 PLC 1

 PLC 2

Sep 2012Oct 2012



 computer's software 

Web searching 

Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power Point)


Text Section

I am self-motivated, ambitious and eager to learn. I am a responsible individual with strong
communication skills and work ethics besides being creative, focused and highly determined.
Open Mind and Co-operative, Have decision under pressure and work in team.