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Skills Summary

  • MS word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Scheduling
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Indonesia/English
  • Basic Chemistry Lab Techniques
  • Biochemistry Lab Techniques
  • Daily Sales
  • Inventory
  • FT-IR, Chromatography, UV-Vis, PCR, and cloning.


Motivated, responsible with excellent interpersonal skills, team work, listening ability and focus with Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry. Accustomed to handling sensitive and confidential records.

Flexible and versatile - able to maintain professional attitude and composure under pressure. Thrive in deadline-driven environments. Excellent team-building skills. Able and willing to follow directions.

Professional Experience

Communication: Reports/Presentations/TECHNOLOGY
  • Tutored high school students, graded papers, and helped with homework for biology class.
  • Educating employees on proper way to handle food and HACCP to avoid contamination.
  • Conduct small-group sessions on food handler program for food handler certificate.
  • Communicate with my team on daily basis.
  • Rapidly learn and master varied computer programs; recently update to windows 7 operating system, helped Supervisor to set up Excel.
Customer Service/Marketing/Problem Solving

Perform customer relations:

  • Greeting customers, make sushi for custom order, and created relationship with regular customers.

Develop and implement strategic marketing plan for business:

  • Create special promotions or sales, make sushi sample with sampling new products.
  • Enlighten customers with our products.

Filled in for vacation supervisor as temporary supervisor:

  • Scheduled 20+ Sushi Chef work schedule.
  • Reported sales with the owner
  • Sushi Demo at big companies' cafeteria, QUALCOMM, Genprobe, GNF, Hewlett Packard, NOKIA, SAIC, UCSD Hospital, Broadcom, NCR, A&M healthcare while promoting our sushi products and increased sales at our stores based inside Whole Foods Market, Ralph's Supermarket, and Henry's Farmer Market
  • Increased Sushi demo sales.
  • Noticed 3000$ mistake made in sales report from company.
DETAIL MASTERY & Organization

Manage all aspects of day-to-day operations as Sushi Manager

  • HACCP maintenance, make sure sushi rice with the right pH, precise measurement for making sushi rice.
  • Conduct Sushi Chef training.
  • Finances: invoicing, crediting, food costs, and daily sushi sales.
  • Temporary supervisor.
  • Directly dealing with store manager and customers.


Entry level Biochemistry/Chemistry positions that demonstrating research, analysis, and problem-solving skills in a professional environment.

Work experience

Feb 2003May 2003

Volunteer Teacher Assistant

Eastlake High School



Bachelor of science

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

MAJOR - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Classes - Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry Mechanism, Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Natural Product Chemistry.

Lab classes - Organic Chemistry lab, Analytical Organic Chemistry lab, Physical Chemistry lab, and Biochemistry lab.


Transfer student

Southwestern College (SWC)

MAJOR - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Classes - Microbiology, General Zoology, General Biology, Japanese, General Chemistry, and GED requirement to transfer to UCSD.

Lab classes - Microbiology lab, Zoology lab, General Biology lab, and General Chemistry lab.