Career Objective

To obtain a brand manager position at the Amore Pacific where I can manage various brands and give customers huge satisfaction of brands so that Amore Pacific become much more competitive company in the cosmetics market.

Work experience

Work experience


Aug 2014 - Dec 2014
CJ Olive Young

-Managed a store to improve  shopping environment for customers.

-Dealt with problems that is held by customers.

-Recommended products for customers depending on the Customer's skin condition


Feb 2014 - Aug 2014
Lotte Cinema

-Dealt with customers who complains in the cinema.

-Helped with customers who are in trouble in the  theater.

-Take participated in the monthly customer-service class.


Dec 2013 - Mar 2013
Ediya Coffee

-Provided various services that are need by customers.



Bachelor's degree in English literature and language

Feb 2012 - Aug 2016
University of Ulsan

Major : English literature and language

Minor: International Business Transaction Communication

Courses : Marketing, International Marketing, International Business, Promotion strategy, Consumer Behavior, International trade, English conversation, English business presentation

ESL course

Sep 2013 - Dec 2013
University of Regina

A variety of courses that is related with Englsih Language in order to improve Englsih ability

Additional Activities

Volunteer activity

 English interpreter at the Cheoyong Cultural Festival which is one of the famous local festivals in Ulsan.

Translator Activity

  1)Assistant Translator in the Energy Exhibition held in Bexco.

  2)Translator of Hyundai LifeBoats at the Exhibition 'Marinetec China'.

Supporters Activitiy

-Developed and created a speacial activity for citizens in Ulsan to promote non smoking.

-Distributed a lot of things which advertise non-smoking such as pamphlet, files, post-it and pens.

-Updated about our activitiy's picture and results on blog.



Word processor

Jul 2015 - Present
Chamber of commerce and industry

Proficient in using Hansoft program.

English Trade

Apr 2015 - Present
Chamber of commerce and industry

Expertise in trade, and having a ability to write trade documents in English

Distribution Management

Aug 2015 - Present
chamber of commerce and industry

Expertise in Distribution process.

CS(Customer satisfaction) Leaders Certificate

Mar 2015 - Present
Korea Information Evaluation Assiciation

Expertise in Customer satisfaction and  Customer service.

MOS Master

Nov 2015 - Present
Microsoft corporation

Proficient in using Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and Access.

Toeic Speaking

Sep 2015 - Sep 2017

Ability to express in English and to communicate with English speakers


Feb 2015 - Feb 2017

Be good at reading and listening in English



Customer Satisfaction skills

Developed while working part time job and studying  Customer satisfacton leaders which is one of well-known certificates in the fields of  Customer Satisfaction.

Communication skill

Developed while working in Olive young and Lotte cinema

Interpersonal skill

Developed while doing supporters activity , group project in school

Presentation skill

Developed when I took a Englsih business presenttion class, and participated in interpreter activity for the company that i am in charge of (British Ambassy, Hyundai LifeBoats)

Time-management skill

Developed while writing a diary every day to use time efficiently.


Managing my beauty blog and having a communication with a beauty blogger so that i can catch up with beauty trends.