Iceland native Agust Beaumont began his business career in his hometown of Reykjavik, where he managed Estate Committee Bolholti 6 as the building’s Chairman of the Board. Spanning more than 10,000 square meters and rising 6 stories, the structure was valued at more than $100 million at the beginning of the millennium. Agust Beaumont served as Chairman from 2000 to 2003, subsequently becoming an Overseas Operations Manager for AVK ehf. Beaumont spent his time with the Reykjavik-based retailer increasing the company’s international business. Leveraging his diverse managerial experience, Agust Beaumont assumed control of Asian operations at UPL Distribution as the Chief Operating Officer in 2005. Operating from Bangkok, Thailand, he managed all daily activities, including manufacturing, exports, outsourcing, and cross-border trade. His success in this position led Beaumont to receive a promotion to Managing Director for the entire enterprise. Now working out of UPL Distribution’s new base of operations in Barr, Switzerland, Agust Beaumont manages finances and basic business activities while streamlining communications with offices across the globe. Agust Beaumont contributes to the global business community through his participation with the International Chamber of Commerce. He also supports the Wikimedia Foundation, which provides funding to the website Wikipedia.

Work experience

Work experience
2009 - Present

Managing Director

UPL Distribution GmbH