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My name is Hernan Aguilar, I am a free-lance artist based in Waukegan, IL. I have been influenced by the working class of my city. It pushes me to do my best in any position I find myself in. Part of my idealogy as an artist is that everything huge in this world has began very small. Little by little the plant grew into an Oak Tree. The paths and decisions we take in life will define who we are, therefore patience is key to success.

Work experience

May 2012Aug 2012


Supervalu:Distribution Center

I was employed for Data Entry in the Meat Department, inputing Monthly TPR (Temporary Price Reductions) into Excel, updating weekly price reductions on spreadsheets. Assisted in summer steak Promotion, supermarkets and districts received steak knives for steak tasting event. Promoted for two weeks, I managed a CM’s desk; responsibilities were picking up phone calls, taking and entering customer’s orders and call for biweekly chicken orders. I continued to sell weekly close dated product to stores in districts, till my leave. I negotiated with stores for a price agreement.

  • Use computers to organize and locate inventory, and operate spreadsheet orders and word processing software for weekly meat survey.
  • Negotiate prices, discount terms and transportation arrangements for merchandise.
  • Examine, select, order, and purchase at the most favorable price merchandise consistent with quality, quantity, specification requirements and other factors.
  • Set or recommend mark-up rates, mark-down rates, and selling prices for merchandise.
  • Work closely with vendors to obtain and develop desired products.
  • Attend staff meetings with sales personnel (Tyson, Buddig, Jimmy Dean, etc.) to introduce new merchandise.
Jun 2012Aug 2012


BP Gas Company
  • Service, clean, and supply restrooms.
  • Gather and empty trash, inside lobby and gas pumps
  • Cleaned store lobby by sweeping, mopping
  • Clean windows, glass partitions, or mirrors
  • Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners to prevent damage to floors and fixtures.
  • Mix water and detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications.
  • Notified managers concerning the gas leakage by storm drainage, maintained gas by cleaning drainage and gas surface clean-up
  • Clean windows, glass partitions, or mirrors
Jun 2011Aug 2011



Inventory taker for retail stores. Follow RGIS guidelines in team counting, count specific areas and work under stor regulations. Find problem areas and clear them out. Specialist Duties: Work with store employee to count high-priced merhcandise

  • Collect or prepare measurement, weight, or identification labels; and attach them to products

  • Document quantity, quality, type, weight, test result data, and value of materials or products, in order to maintain shipping, receiving, and production records and files\

  • Compare product labels, tags, or tickets, shipping manifests, purchase orders, and bills of lading to verify accuracy of shipment contents, quality specifications, and/or weights.

  • Count or estimate quantities of materials, parts, or products received or shipped.

  • Weigh or measure materials, equipment, or products to maintain relevant records, using volume meters, scales, rules, and/or calipers.


Phone Communication
At SuperValu, I was told I was a great asset to the team because of the way I talked with the managers over the phone. I followed procedure and built great relationships with managers over the phone. They began expecting me to call them every week for their chicken orders.
My previous jobs have been closely related to Inventory, the amount of merchandise available. I worked in physical counts in retail stores at RGIS. My most recent job at SuperValu, I worked with Inventory software to use while ordering merchandise for customers. The software also worked with delivery schedules, condition of product and amount of product.

Body of Work: Charcoal Medium

Contrast of War


Aug 2011May 2012


Milwaukee Insitute of Art & Design

Completed First year Foundations.