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Agon Qorolli

Product Specialist on Banking Applications, Computer Science Teacher, Experienced Network Engineer, and Web Designer


I enjoy the simple things in life, like camping with friends or volunteering on that film festival. Being happy is a state of mind, and I don't think people should settle for less than they deserve. I always look toward the next best thing. I like seeing other people happy. I've been through more than most people my age, but hey, it's what has made me stronger. Life has thrown me challenges, and so far, I've come out on top.

Profession wise I'm a very experienced Project Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer networking industry. Skilled in SQL, PHP, jQuery, Web Design, Management, and Java. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science from University of Pristina.


Oct 2015Present

Masters's degree, Computer Science and Engineering 

University of Business and Technology

In this Master's degree program, I'm learning to design quality software. Combining a scientific perspective with the approach of an engineer. I'm also improving my qualitative and quantitative judgments regarding the extent to which those requirements have been met.

Oct 2009Apr 2013

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

University of Pristina

In general, this degree program emphasized the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing. Where it included topics such as: linear algebra; calculus; probability and statistics; combinatorics, discrete mathematics etc. Java was used as the primary computer language. 

Work & Volunteer History

Feb 2017Dec 2017

Product Specialist

Asseco South Eastern Europe

At Asseco I was part of Banking Solutions department, to be more specific I was profiled into e-banking solutions where my duties were maintaining their databases. My daily job might been from offering solutions to e-banking users to running advance queries. Most of the time we worked on SQL Server environment.

Feb 2016Jan 2017

ICT Teacher

"Xhevdet Doda" High School

Lecturing the fundamentals of Information Technology and bringing joy to students! Responsible for educational and social development of pupils under the direction and guidance of the headmaster. particularly teaching Network Infrastructure and also structural coding (e.g., HTML,  CSS, JavaScript).

Sep 2015Feb 2017

Computer Science Teacher

International American Academy of Kosova

Employed as part time teacher for lecturing Computer Programming, particularly block-based coding (e.g., or for middle school students. Where under my initiative, coding for kids  now is part of the Technology curriculum, therefore they even doubled my honorarium. Essentially  in charge for organizing classes and responding to the strengths and needs of students during lessons.

Sep 2014Aug 2016

Web Design Instructor


Lecturing Web Design, particularly using Adobe Photoshop CC as a tool to design the world of web during weekends. Responsible for making a positive and regular contribution to the training center’s extra-curricular and enrichment programme; leading, coaching, and supporting students to develop their academic skills.

Oct 2013Jul 2015

Project Engineer

TQ Engineering

A bridge between project manager and execution of projects. Completing engineering and construction projects by planning, organizing and controlling all elements of the project.

Feb 2015Jul 2015

ICT Teacher

"28 Nentori" Professional High School

Lecturing the fundamentals of Information Technology and bringing joy to students! Responsible for educational and social development of pupils under the direction and guidance of the headmaster. Curriculum was mostly based on how Network works.

Jan 2014May 2014

Lead Web Designer


Creating and managing the look, layout and other features of a Web and UI for PC, tablets and smartphones. Logos and ads too as well! Working with developers team for keeping the site up-to-date and prioritizing need, among other tasks. 

Jun 2013Oct 2013

Network Engineer

TQ Engineering

Responsible for implementing, maintaining, supporting, developing and, in some cases designing communication networks within the organisation or between organisations. My duty was to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure in order to provide maximum performance for their users, such as staff, clients, customers and suppliers.

15 Aug 201521 Aug 2015

Cinema Maintainer - Volunteer


Best time of my life. We were a group of five very fun people, where our job was to maintain one of three outdoor cinemas. That was like a two hours thing, and after that we had a lot of other fun activities, like fire camping, music, hiking etc. Just awesome. 

Oct 2010Present

Election monitoring - Volunteer

Democracy in Action

It's a one day marathon where we are set to monitor and report possible concerns during the respective election. Primarily to assess the conduct of an election process on the basis of national legislation and international election standards.


Nov 2017Nov 2017

Certification for completing Green Entrepreneurship Academy

GIZ Youth Employment and Skills
Jun 2015Jun 2016

Certification in Entrepreneurship

Forum for Civic Initiatives 
Jun 2015Oct 2015

Certification for completing "Life and Work" training 

Ministry of Education


English Language 
French Language 
Project Managment
Adobe Photoshop