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Marketing and Communication Professional
Marketing and Communication Professional specialized in sales increment at retailer and CRM Programs. Experience in annual marketing plan, media plan, communication campaigns, promotion and sales B2B and B2C. Management of promotion and sales teams, relationship programs and generation of demand. Product management and marketing intelligence. Deep knowledge of computer science.

Work experience

Nov 2006Nov 2008

Product Manager

Johnson Controls Ltda
  • Coordinate research and studies for annual marketing plan development
  • Develop business plan for launch products and brands
  • Adjust mix of products with market necessity
  • Plan and coordinate researches of market, prices, and actions of competitions
  • Develop studies of fleet, exchange index, market size, market share, market coverage, and segmentation
  • Plan and implement CRM project with distributors and retailers.
Jan 2002Oct 2006

Relationship Program Coordinator

Robert Bosch Ltda
  • Develop annual strategic plan of the program, qualification of the team and negotiating goals for regions and customers
  • Coordinate implementation of the plan and management of the project
  • Manage team and to guarantee fulfillment of the goals
  • Manage budget and ROI of the promotion actions
  • Coordinate searches in the Point of Sales
  • Organize events with customers of the program
  • Prepare monthly performance reports.
Jan 1996Jan 2002

Marketing Analyst

Robert Bosch Chassy Systems
  • Coordinate the team and actions in the Point of Sales
  • Analyze market information and internal data for market plan
  • Develop communication campaigns and media plan
  • Develop market research and sales campaigns
  • Manage actions and results of campaigns
  • Coordinate work of the call center
  • Develop catalogues and training material
  • Develop system to register training information
  • Organize launching events and to make presentations in several regions of the country
  • Prepare official presentations of the company to the aftermarket
  • Interface with agencies and suppliers. 
Sep 1992Jan 1996

Marketing Analyst

AlliedSignal Automotive Ltda

  • Coordinate editorial magazine bimonthly for authorized mechanics and distributors
  • Visit national authorized mechanics to make interviews and photos for the magazine
  • Guide committee of the authorized mechanics in the communication actions
  • Coordinate production of the communication materials
  • Organize internal and external events
  • Develop catalogues and training materials
  • Develop system of sales information and customers relationship
  • Coordinate work of the call Center and data analyses
  • Interface with agencies and suppliers. 








Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas


Academy São Luis


Julio Passos

“The experience to work with Cesar was so much important for my career considering his ability, performance and ethical profile.” March 2, 2009

Lucia Cuque

“Cesar developed a retail relationship marketing program at Robert Bosch that got excellent results to the sales department.” May 8, 2009  

Edson Rocha

“Cesar is an excellent professional additional a very correct person. In JCI has developed several programs aimed at leveraging sales” February 18, 2009 

Fernando Arruda

“Cesar is an excellent professional oriented for results. His capacity to manage CRM, people and product information gave us all support that we needed. He also has a great sense of humor and is a great Colleague. It was really good work with him.” April 3, 2009

Jose Cruz

“Cesar is a very competent professional who works with focus on results and is always willing to overcome challenges. Done an excellent job on CRM projects. It has a very good knowledge about the autoparts and has very good relationships in this segment. Also done excellent work in marketing intelligence, seeking information of excellent level, which helped us set priorities in our actions.” April 8, 2009 

Ana Guimarães

“Cesar is a detail oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective.” February 24, 2009 

Carlos Eduardo Fernandes Farinha

“Cesar is a good professional with strong focus and knowledge on relationship programs considering the strategy development and day to day management. I strongly recommend him and assure that it´s a very good acquisition for any company.” February 19, 2009 

Sven Dinklage

“Working with Cesar was always a great pleasure and an enriching experience - his competence in the aftermarket, especially in relationship marketing, as well as his open-minded and sincere attitude, contributed greatly to the success of our organization and projects!” February 25, 2009 

Roberto Almeida

“Cesar has worked focused on results. He helped my region of acting with auto parts. He has large ability to manage groups of people. These people worked in stores to sale to the final customers. In that period of time our sales from Bosch to large distributors had increased in large scale. Excellent person to work with teams, he is very real and honest, with this, he facilitated to taken decisions in the company.” February 18, 2009 

Guerino Parucci

“Cesar is a very entrepreneurial professional. His knowledge on marketing can clearly contribute to the product success. He is very experienced in the autoparts market and keep excellent relationship with dealers, retailers and press, which obviously differentiate him against other professionals. He have performed several CRM systems and promotional actions with measurable results, reducing the subjectivity of those kind of programs. I endorse him as one of the best promotional marketing professional whom I have worked with.” March 10, 2009 


Marketing / Sales / Communication / Trade / Project Management 


  • Professional with 16 years of experience within Marketing and Communication departments in multinational companies
  • Experience in annual marketing plan, media plan, communication campaigns, promotional and sales B2B and B2C campaigns, web site, call center administration, launching of products, national and regional events, conventions and expositions, suppliers interface and budget administration
  • Management of relationship programs and generation of demand in the retail
  • Management of promotional and sales teams in 31 regions – 50 people in 13 states – include contracting partner company and team, plans of goals, motivations campaigns, training and development skills and integration with commercial area 
  • Report of results, involving development and implementation of methodology and systems for management and relationship in Windows and Web platforms
  • Product management: sales budget and forecast, pipelines of volumes and margins from brands and products, analysis of costs and prices, marketing intelligence and business plan
  • Deep knowledge of computer science (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Outlook, Explorer, Notes, BO, SAP/R3). Experience in developing projects such as: marketing information systems, electronic catalogues and training multimedia, promotions management, CRM, national management teams and goals at web platform, Palm TOP implementation and research system.

Professional Courses

  • Oratory and Assertive Communication 
  • Oratory and Use of the Voice 
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Organization and Time Administration
  • Motivation of Teams
  • Situational Leadership 
  • Neurolinguistic to Sales
  • Sales Negotiation – focus in results
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Financial Mathematic