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  • Internet Surfing
  • Reading (any topic of interest)
  • Investigating any field of technology


Although I've been working for more than 30 years in teaching the English Language, with a lot of experience on the field of Education, I'd like to find a job related to Distant Learning (Online teaching). I've got my Degree in Virtual Environments with Educational purposes recently, and I love it. I guess I'm ready to go for it.


To apply for a job as an on-line professor or a consultant on the fields of education, distant learning, or technology applied to education.


I have different abilities on the field of Informatics including among them: Office Windows (all versions, including Windows 8) Internet Surfing E-mail usage (any kind) Web Design for educational purposes Moodle platform for educational purposes Other tools including security, protection, and so forth
Technology applied to Education
Technology has always been part of my abilities when teaching, as well as the special interest I've had on mastering new technologies applied to the field of education.
Speaking English language
I've been mastering and using the language for teaching for more than 30 years, not only spoken language but also the written part of it. Besides, I've done some paper translations.

Work experience

Professor de Inglés de Negocios


Centro de Capacitación Nacional de Gestión Empresarial, Técnica y Administrativa

Profesor de Idioma Inglés

Instituto Pre Universitario de Ciencias Exactas


Sep 1981Jul 1983

Licenciado en Educación Superior

Instituto Pedagógico de Holguin
Sep 1976Jul 1981

Profesor de Educación General Media en Idioma Inglés

Instituto Pedagógico "Enrique José Varona"

Titles and Certifications