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Startups coach  -  Entrepreneurship expert  - Business owner

Work experience

Oct 2010Present

founder & managing director

International Center for Entrepreneurship

The International Center for Entrepreneurship (ICE) was launched as one of the winning projects in the European Social Fund competition in the region of Lower Silesia, Poland, organised for the entrepreneurial women by the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in 2009. The key activities include:

  • Consultancy on business launching & development,
  • Start-ups coaching,
  • Research on entrepreneurship & innovation,
  • Organisation of trainings, workshops and seminars for professionals,
  • Publishing services.
Feb 2011Present

visiting professor

International Study Programs, Corvinus Business School

Main topics:

  • Long-run economic growth,
  • Banking system,
  • (Un)employment,
  • International Trade,
  • Comparative advantage and protectionism,
  • Economics of developing and transitional economies 


Elevating Women Entrepreneurship Initiatives for Generating Sustainable Impact and Networks - WINGS

The project’s aim has been to create a strong, recognizable, sustainable EU-wide network  and online platform for facilitating the access  and share of existing learning and training offers to support female entrepreneurs.

 Key objectives:

  • to develop a unique EU network to facilitate ICT systems for learning, supporting & training women entrepreneurs bringing widespread visibility & maximizing the exploitation of innovative good practices in the field;
  • to strengthen the linkages between EU women entrepreneurs, project managers, learning communities, multipliers &society encouraging the knowledge &experience exchange via a multi-lingual EU one-stop-shop online platform, where valuable &innovative EU learning opportunities can be found &accessed at one place;
  • to foster new business opportunities by creating a Virtual Market for E-commerce& facilitating international networking.

Budget: 0,6 mln euro / Lifelong Learning Programme: Comenius, ICT and Languages / KA3 ICT Multilateral Networks  


Leader of the work packege 'Events'

European Center for Project/Internship Excellence: PRAXIS

PRAXIS has been launched as a consortium of higher education institutions, research labs, chambers of commerce and companies, all committed to enhance cooperation between HEI and industry on projects & internships. It has been composed by 64 international partners.

Budget: 1,15 mln euro / Lifelong Learning Programme


Business coach & Speaker of Climathon & Participant

Climate-Knowledge and Innovation Community

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon which takes place simultaneously in major cities around the world. 

It brings together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them. Climathon attracts innovators, entrepreneurs, students and professionals to create innovative solutions to cities climate challenges.

2014 - Wałbrzych, Poland, coach

2015 - Budapest, coach & speaker

2016 - Budapest, participant, the winner of business ideas generation with the result of 109 ideas in 15 min., member of Greenery - the winning team in the Budapest competition.

May 2014Present

startups coach

EIT Climate - KIC 

J6/2016: Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) - Imperial College London (UK) - Business School of University of Warwick (UK)

J3/2015: Business School of University of Warwick (UK) - Denmark Technical University - Munich University of Technology (Germany)

J6/2014: Business School of University of Warwick (UK) - Technical  University of Berlin (Germany) - European Institute of Technology EIT+ (Poland)

  • Presentation of The Journey in The Journey kick-off meetings
  • Delivering pre-ideation sessions
  • Preparation of Climate-KIC Contextual Learning Journey together with Climate-KIC Education Team and Co-Coaches in the area of entrepreneurship & business planning
  • Providing guidance to a group of 40 students
  • Assisting students in making use of the learning content for their own business idea & plan development
  • Business Coaching of small students teams in the area of entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating the learning and application of business skills of international students with various backgrounds and coach them to develop their own business plans
  • Travelling with the student group from one location to the other for 5 weeks
  • Providing feedback to the students and to the Education Managers & Teams.
Feb 20142016

visiting professor

McDaniel College (U.S) in Budapest, 

Course on Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Main topics:

  1. Recognising opportunities and generating business ideas
  2. Feasibility analysis
  3. How to write a business plan?
  4. Developing an effective business model
  5. Industry and competitor analysis
  6. Preparing the proper ethical and legal foundation
  7. Introduction to financial management
  8. Building a new-venture team
  9. Getting financing or funding
  10. Unique marketing issues
Nov 2007Aug 2012

docent / associate professor

Budapest Metropolitan University (formerly Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts)

Lecturer and initiator of the Course on Entrepreneurship. Topics:

  1. Introduction to entrepreneurship
  2. The questions every entrepreneurs must answer to
  3. How to write a great business plan?
  4. How entrepreneurs craft strategies that work?
  5. How much money does your new ventures need?
  6. Milestones for successful venture planning
  7. Strategy vs. tactics from a venture capitalist
  8. Bootstrap finance: the art of start-ups
  9. Commercialization of technology: what the best companies do?

Lecturer of the International Economics and Management. Topics:Trade Patterns, Scale Economies  &  Lecturer of the EU Economics. Main topics: Growth Effects, Capital Market Integration, European Monetary System,

Leader of the international projects: IHEPI2010 - International Conference on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation; IHEPI2009 - International Conference on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation; Praxis Center for Excellence; Leaonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation; 

Initiator of international exchange programs, e.g. with University of Luxembourg, Wroclaw University of Economics, Linneus University (Sweden).

Nov 1997Sep 2007


Opole University of Technology

Lecturer of the courses: 1) Business Planning, 2) Integrated Systems of Management (based on SAP R/3 Finance and Controlling, 3)Microeconomics (some topics: Theory of Enterprises, Allocation of scarce resources, Market structures, Consumer behaviour), 4)Macroeconomics (some topics: Calculations of national products: GDP, GNP, NNP, Monetary and fiscal policy, Banking systems, Employment and labour market issues, Theory of economic growth, Aggregate demand and supply, Inflation, Tax system)


Ph.D. in Management

Warsaw University of Technology

The specialisation of the doctoral studies: Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations. The Ph.D. thesis focused on the relationship between higher education and the changing demands in the labour market dimension of the knowledge-based economy.

Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) qualification

British Council

trainings for coaches & trainers


financial accounting

SAP R/3 Academy

MA engineer, Opole Technical University

The diploma thesis focused on auditing in a multinational manufacturing company and concentrated on the cost reduction innovation. The last 2 years of study organized within an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at 2 faculties simultaneously: Faculty of Management and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Informatics.

Recent Publications

Women Entrepreneurs: It's not all about money!, Daily Planet Magazine, 2016

Entrepreneurship: the 'she' factor,  Euroscientist Magazine, January 2016 (TEXT);

Coaching & facilitating young entrepreneurs from the perspectives of a coach, an education manager and a jury member – the case study of the Climate-KIC Journey programme, I. Hancox, K. Heron, A. Klucznik-Tӧrő, ICERI2015 Proceedings, Sevilla 2015;

Results of the Systematic Literature Review on Entrepreneurship and Its Influencing Factors, Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, Volume 2 (2014) No 1, (TEXT)

Entrepreneurial education in the international literature on the subject  / in Polish:  E-mentor, nr 5 (47) / 2012  (TEXT)

How to improve the efficiency of entrepreneurial education  [in:] From Higher Education to Innovation, (2010) red.: A. Klucznik-Toro, K. Bodis, I.Kiss Pal,