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Work experience

Development & Technical Service Engineer


Engineer in charge of developing products for two company divisions (adhesive tape and graphic arts), as well as providing technical assistance to the developed product's end users.

Achievements in the position:

  1. Development of a line of products for Graphic Arts that reached a 30% market share in the Mexican market within the first year. Support to 3M subsidiaries in Latin America, Europe and Asia, in order to find the optimal positioning for this line of products in each country.
  2. Development of an adhesive which was used for packaging and diaper tapes. The development of these new tapes resulted in additional sales and the recovery of lost clients.
Mar 2007Present

Strategic Planning Director

The Pepsi Bottling Group Mexico


Director in charge of crafting and implementing the long term company Strategy and responsible for developing the company's Strategic Plan. Main responsibilities include the administration and economic evaluation of the company's investment plan, product portfolio administration to maximize profitability, Strategic Scorecard development and corporate leader for M&A's.

Achievements in the Position

  1. Implementation of Margin Management & Segment Profitability processes to improve the company´s profitability in the medium and long term trough portfolio management techniques. The implementation of these processes helped to revert a negative trend in gross margin
  2. Corporate leader for the economic evaluation of potentially attractive companies to be acquired, the development of new technologies and the incorporation of other companies' products that fit into PBG's current Portfolio
  3. Leader for the development and implementation of Financial Planning tools, the use of these tools will reduce the planning cycle by a week, while improving accuracy by more than 5 percentage points.
  4. Implementation of the company's Strategic Scorecard, this project included aligning al the functional Vice-Presidents to define Key Performance Indicators for each area.
Jun 2003Nov 2006

Finance Manager

Bonafont S.A de C.V

Manager in charge of Financial and Strategic Planning, as well as responsible for Financial Controlling and Reporting to the headquarters in Paris. Responsible for following up on the company's economic management, monthly and annual closings, Capital Expenditures, financial evaluation of new products and audit's follow up (PWC & KPMG).

Achievements in the position:

  1. Coordination of the 2003 to 2006 Strategic Plans, in which the company's industrial and logistic structure was drastically changed as a result of growing from one production site to three; this change, resulted in a profitability increase of 22% while maintaining a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 18% for the Operating Free Cash Flow.
  2. Coordination and presentation internationally, of the annual budget with a new focus to maximize Cash Flow generation and improve profitability through launching new products with high perceived value, this allowed to leverage fixed costs and resulted in increasing the company's profitability by 24% over 4 years.
  3. Decrease the monthly closing cycle time by 50% through weekly pre closings and the implementation of the Danone Operating Models (Group operating and financial standards)
  4. Operating Free Cash Flow improvement through the creation of a working capital committee that resulted in decreasing the working capital needs by 6% (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory management)
  5. Active participation in internal and external audits (PWC & Deloitte)
  6. Project leader for implementing a Decision Support System (DSS) in the company.
Apr 2002Jun 2003

Strategic Planning Manager


Manager in charge of the Strategic Planning process, the company's Investment Plan and responsible for the evaluation of all projects and initiatives related to the Strategic Plan. Responsibilities include the coordination and evaluation of all the company's new strategies from the planning point of view (Innovation committee member), sales systems, new business models and Due Diligence participation

Achievements in the position:

  1. Coordination of three Strategic Plans that included the evaluation on new ways to go to market, capital expenditure plan for the next 3 years and the economic evaluation of new products' launching. This resulted in a Compounded Annual growth rate of 9% in sales and 13% in profitability.
  2. Financial leader for evaluating the acquisition of new technology that allowed to launch a new product in the market.
  3. Participation in the Due Diligence process for Jugos del Valle and preliminary financial evaluations for different companies located in Centro America in which Sabritas was interested in acquiring.
Jun 2000Apr 2002

Financial Planning Manager


Manager in charge of leading the Annual Operating Plan, the structuring and consolidation of the company's pro-form Financial Statements (Profit & Loses Statement, Balance sheet & Cash flow). Responsible, as part of this process, for the coordination of volume, price, cost and expense forecasting across different company areas. 

Achievements in the position:

  1. Design of a financial strategy to minimize VAT impact should this tax be approved for foods and medicines. As a result, consumer price was marginally increased, while profitability was impacted by only 4%.
  2. Coordination of three Annual Operating Plans, which targets were reached every year.
  3. Development, jointly with "The Boston Consulting Group" and "Grupo de Economistas Asociados (GEA)", of a model to include pricing elasticity and macroeconomic variables in the cause effect economic models. This model is currently used to evaluate price increases.
Oct 1998May 2000

New Products Manager


Manager in charge for New Product Development for two platforms in Mexico and all platforms in Central America. Said Product Development process included consumer testing as well as technical and economic feasibility evaluation

Achievements in the position:

  1. Definition of the mid and long term strategy for the area and, based on this, the personnel and training requirements.
  2. Launching of three products in Mexico and two in Central America that are currently market leaders and have contributed a 7% growth in sales.
Apr 1997Oct 1998

Packaging Manager


Manager in charge of assessing technical feasibility for new packaging and promotions (structure and design).

Achievements in the position:

  1. Technical leader for 7 promotions, assuring FDA compliance, insertion efficiency, printing quality (press approval) and economic feasibility.
  2. Development of new packaging structures and suppliers, which eliminated the dependency on one supplier and achieved direct cost saving by 4%.



Additional training
New Money University  (Finance University for  Directors), Danone Prague  (Nov 2003) IFRS. Corporate Governance Group Danone México (Sept 2004) Manager’s workshop. Corporate University. Sabritas, México (Oct 2002) Project Management and Evaluation. ITESM, México. (Feb 2000) Diplomado en Innovación. Sabritas /Universidad Intercontinental. México(Mar – Oct 2002) Project Management, Project Innovations (U.K)/Frito Lay international. Dallas (Jun 1999)
I am able to influence people’s decision through asking key questions and providing timely analysis. In all 3 companies I have always been able to obtain support from the top management, peers and my own team to complete my tasks
Highly Analytical
I am a highly analytical individual capable of understanding complex cause / effect relationships. Additionally I am capable of simplifying complex situations to simple numerical models that provide a powerful tool for decision making
Understand Business key drivers
I I have the ability to quickly identify the business key drivers and understand their impact in the financial statements; additionally, this skill has allowed me to effectively develop strategic and operational scorecards
Develop Teams / Individuals
In 3 different companies I have developed high performance teams that deliver results in a short period of time with highly motivated individuals. I have been able to do this through empowering team members and delegating tasks according to their capabilities


My main interests are to spend time with my family and friends, I enjoy outside exercising, such as jogging. I also enjoy reading and listening and playing classical music.


Expert in Corporate Finance, Financial and Strategic Planning with more than 9 years experience in management positions in multinational consumer products companies. Ample experience in developing Strategic and Operative Plans; Financial Statement Consolidation, investment project evaluation, Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as reporting financial results to headquarters, monthly and annual closings and external audit summaries. Result oriented, analytical and with a broad strategic vision. Strong negotiation skills, hands on, leadership, development and management of high performance teams and used to working under pressure.


Continue my career path as a Finance Director in a multinational company, leading a team that allows the company to reach its operational and strategic targets in the short, medium, and long term.