Sources of Water Impurities for Industrial Plants

Agape Water Solutions, Inc., is a provider of water treatment equipment for industrial purposes, purifying water to to optimize manufacturing highest quality products. Consulting with a company like Agape Water Systems can be useful to put a long-term plan in place that protects industrial plants and the environment.Water impurities can come in several forms. City Water, Well Water occasionally surface or waste water each contain solids suspended or dissolved within it. Surface water picks up large quantities of silt and biological materials like leaves. The amount of materials present in the water may change often due to rain, floods, drought, and other natural events. On the other hand, groundwater is filtered through many layers of earth and arrives with very little biological material or silt. Instead, the concern is that the water may be high in dissolved minerals. Since water can dissolve any substance, it will contains ions from the ground, raincloud to the industrial plant. These dissolved substances can corrode boilers, contaiminate products made by manufacturers, or even contaminate pharmaceutical products.Agape Water Solutions, Inc. engineers high purity industrial grade water systems based upon the source of the feed water and product water requirements specific to each installation.


Agape Water Solutions, Inc., is a manufacturer and designer of industrial water treatment systems.  Agape Water Solutions stresses quality customer service, environmental friendliness, and cost effectiveness in its products and services. Founded in 2005 and located in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, the company is a leader in water purification systems. Agape Water Solutions is the North American Master Service Provider for Ionpure, a manufacturer of electrodeionization modules. Electrodeionization is the process by which electricity is used to purify water by recharging ion exchange resin without using hazardous chemicals or acids. Agape Water Solutions collaborates with other suppliers of water treatment equipment to incorporate Ionpure’s equipment into the end user’s system. Agape Water Solutions produces power supply controls for deionization modules, which allows for individual regulation, less downtime, and increased cost control and performance.

Aside from its work on electrodeionization modules, Agape Water Solutions designs and manufactures quality products equipped to perform water filtration, dechlorination, and reverse osmosis.  Reverse Osmosis systems purify feed water with pressure and membranes for bulk demineralization. The company also provides integrated system design in order to make sure that any purification system meets a client’s custom requirements. Agape Water Solutions has an experienced and professional maintenance team that can perform new equipment installation, system performance testing, onsite operator training, and resolve equipment issues. The company primarily works with power plants, industrial plants, electronics manufacturers, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to develop highly purified water treatment systems. To enhance troubleshooting, Agape Water Solutions provides remote monitoring systems so the company and the customer can more quickly resolve potential problems. To learn more about the services provided by Agape Water Solutions, please visit the company’s website at