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Work experience

Field Sales Representative


Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality and advanced visualisation company.

My role was to sell products and generate new business and develop new sectors.

Account Manager

The Juice

The Juice is a digital technologies consultancy specializing in the application of 3D, Virtual Reality and New Media.

My role was to manage existing accounts and generate new accounts.


Potch Trade

Online business platform for the local community of Potchefstroom. Please see the site for more information.

Nov 2011Present


Jun 2007May 2009

Account Manager


Sage is a software developer. My role was based at the Accounts Division. 

I was employed to perform sales duties, but spent half my employment to restructure the Returns Policy for the Accounts Division.

The new procedure has been in place since 2008 and I was under the understanding that this policy was also incorprated in the SME Division (which is the total portions of the company that a return policy can relate to in the UK). 


Jan 1989Dec 1993

High School Diploma

Daniel Pienaar


Social Media Manager
  WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA AND WHY DO YOU NEED A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER "Social media is like word of mouth about your business – only on a computer screen and available to hundreds of thousands of people.” “When people talk about your business online, other people will read it and make decisions about whether or not to buy from you.” “Sometimes people say bad things about a business on social media sites. If you aren’t around to present your side of the story, your business can suffer.” “When your company is active in social media, you can fix problems before they get big, find out what your clients / customers / patients / guests want, and attract new business by promoting yourself in positive ways. “Most of your competitors are using social media. If you are absent online, everyone who uses the internet and social media sites to make purchasing decisions will never see you.” HERE WE LOOK AT WHAT I DO TO HELP YOU I can set up your Facebook Page, get 50 people to like it, and create a giveaway for those who supply their email address. This will give you 50 new leads to contact for your business. I can set up your Twitter account, get 50 people to follow your account, and monitor what people are saying about your company. If any negativity arises, we can develop a game plan and figure out how to solve your customer’s problem for a satisfactory resolution.” I can create a YouTube channel for your company “how to” videos and get 50 views this month. This can create more interest in your company and what you can do to help your customers. HOW IS PAYMENT STRUCTURED?   Facebook: I charge $100 for account set up, Page creation, and population with 15 posts, polls, etc., plus $150 for every 50 Likes. Twitter: I charge $75 for account setup, plus $100 for every 50 Followers. YouTube: I charge $60 for account setup and video upload of up to 10 of your own videos, plus $50 for 50 views and at least 10 subscribers. I can manage all of your social platforms and increase your online reach for $500 a month. For $800 a month, I can also manage your blog and integrate it with social media. I accept payment through a escrow service or via paypal. “Payment can be made half up front, and half on completion for initial account setup and population. Monthly management fees are due at the beginning of each 30 day cycle.”  


I have had the previllage of living in the UK and travelled through parts of Europe. Essential these days that we get to see other cultures for diffenrt perspectives and other ways to do life.

Ethics, standards and commitment are values that fall short in modern times, especially if one considers that it's the total of all our values that makes us truly who we are.

From all my experiences in different sales disciplines have I shifted my focus to Social Media as the core reason for you to review my CV.

I thank you for the time in reviewing my CV.


I am now expananding my services as a Social Media Manager.