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Skilled professional with 10 years experience in cutting-edge quality assurance and software development. Skilled in multiple operating systems and configurations and knowledge of advancing technology in hardware, software and testing. Key strengths in leadership, willingness to learn, attention to detail, critical thinking, and self-motivation, with a desire to advance in the Ruby-On-Rails community.

Work experience


Sr. Systems Engineer

TestPlant, Inc

Provide pre- and post-sales solutions and support for the growing eggPlant User Interface Testing product line in both public and private sector business. Assist Marketing Department in production of collateral.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide pre and post-sales technical support
  • Deliver demonstrations to prospective customers
  • Promote consultancy services to customers
  • Deliver consultancy and training to customers and partners
  • Identify processes and product functions that require improvement
  • Assist marketing efforts by providing demonstration videos and market collateral

Quality Assurance Engineer

Perform testing (both manual and automated) and quality assurance on the world's best-selling and easiest-to-use software for composing, arranging, teaching and publishing, Finale.Responsibilities include:

  • Gather Requirements and assess risk
  • Provide test plans/procedures based on design, requirements and risk.
  • Provide input on technical and user interface design
  • Provide feedback to engineering and management on software quality
  • Develop Content, including installers for notation products
  • Modernized installer technology, saving several thousand dollars per year.
  • Develop Manual and Automated Test cases based on analysis
  • Help develop manual and automated testing frameworks
  • Develop Process Automation Tools
  • Provide feedback on potential new hires and mentor junior staff
Sep 20072009

Graduate Math Tutor - Center for Academic Excellence

Assist students with math homework for all classes up through Calculus II (integral calculus). Work with students to overcome their fear of mathematics, providing them confidence to move through class. Also co-ordinate study groups and policy with other staff including the associate director of the Center of Academic Excellence.


Sr. Quality Assurance Technician

Perform black-box testing of the world's best-selling and easiest-to-use software for composing, arranging, teaching and publishing, Finale.

Responsibilities include:

  • Design and execute test plans and procedures based on risk
  • Report defects and verify fixes
  • Develop non-application content for installation
  • Research user trends
  • Provide feedback as an advocate for power users
  • Provide feedback on User Interface

Quality Assurance Technician

Perform guided black-box testing of the Finale family of notation products

Responsibilites include:

  • Proof documentation
  • Proof user interface
  • Log and verify defects
  • Verify production runs of media (CD and Floppy-Disk)
  • Assist techincal support with difficult issues

Technical Support Representative

Provide technical support to the world's best-selling and easiest-to-use software for composing, arranging, teaching and publishing, Finale and the standard for music education SmartMusic.

  • Answer questions from users of all skill levels via email, phone, and fax.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software problems with the user.
  • Avocate on behalf of users to management to set development priorities
  • Log customer complaints and suggestions


Installer Vise
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
PackageMaker Install System
Microsoft Office
VMWare Fusion
Eggplant Automation System
Shell Scripting
Many automated tasks writtine using bash (Mac OSX/Linux) and DOS (Windows)
Ruby/Ruby on Rails
Macintosh OS8/OS9/OS X
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista


Emma Campbell

Stephane Goethals

North American Sales Manager during my tenure at TestPlant

Sarah Hansen

Michael Johnson

Eric Level

Gary Pederson

Sales/Support Videos