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The first mobile telecommunications enterprise to launch in Afghanistan, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) continues to enjoy notable success in its expansion endeavors thanks to capable corporate leadership and its partnership with the country’s Ministry of Communications. A joint venture between this governmental organization and U.S.-based enterprise Telephone Systems International, Afghan Wireless formed in 2002 and currently provides cellular and Internet service to more than 4 million subscribers. Committed to boosting Afghanistan’s social infrastructure through responsible commerce, Afghan Wireless contributes a great deal to the country’s fiscal foundation by employing more than 5,000 and pays a high percentage in corporate taxes as well.With hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. funds invested since its inception, Afghan Wireless stands poised for success on an international level. Presently operating in all 34 provinces, the company offers a variety of plans and phones as well as pre-paid calling cards that can be purchased directly through an Afghan Wireless sales outlet or an independent authorized reseller. Extending a markedly competitive tariff rate for international calls placed to the United States, Canada, India, and Pakistan, the corporation further differentiates itself with an “All In One” program that allows customers to alter the terms of a personal or business plan while still retaining the same phone number and SIM card.Earning high accolades for its personalized approach to customer service, Afghan Wireless values innovation and tradition in equal capacities. For additional information about this “truly Afghan” company and the selection of promotional packages presently available, visit