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Work experience

Apr 2010Jun 2010

Yamhill HighFlyers Basketball

International Basketball League (IBL)

Yamhill County's first and only professional sports team makes it's inaugural season in 2010 as a part of the up and coming International Basketball League. I worked as an intern for the HighFlyers, working hands on with owner and general manager Eric Bailey in various areas such as: promotions, marketing, game day operations, stats, and game film.

"In The News"- Western Oregon University

In June 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a team from WOU that went to Cape Verde, Africa to serve in 3 separate school's/orphanages. This was an amazing opportunity where we got to play with the kids and perform work projects on their facilities. Collectively we tried to gather as much supplies as we could before hand so that we could bring each orphanage things they needed most. We brought games, sports equipment, food, crafts, hygiene supplies, and tools to help service the specific needs of each facility. It was a phenomenal experience and a great opportunity to work as a team to make it all happen.

A few of the many fundraisers we put on included multiple benefit concerts, bake sales, car washes, and my favorite...Donkey Basketball!

Cape Verde- Alternative Break Service Trip


Sep 2006Mar 2010

Physical Education

Major: Core Courses  

PE 230 Foundations of Exercise Science

PE 310 Motor Learning

PE 371 Kinesiology

PE 415 Lifespan Motor Development

PE 444 Lifespan Adapted Physical Activity

PE 470 Sociological and Psychologoical Aspects of Physical Activity

PE 473 Physiology of Exercise

PE 483 Biomechanics

PE 484 Advanced Topics in Biomechanics

HE 325 Nutrition

HE 426 Sports Nutrition

BI 234-236 Anatomy and Physiology


EC 201 Intro to Microeconomics

EC 202 Intro to Macroeconomics

EC 318 Money and Banking

EC 334 Economics of Collegiate Sports

BA 361 Organizational Behavior

PE 376 Intro to Sports Management


PE 131 Individual Health and Fitness

PE 361 Coaching Youth Sports

PE 366 Coaching Basketball

PE 375 Athletics: Coaching and Administration

PE 377 College Sports Management PE 440 Legal Issues in PE and Sport

HE 366 Alcohol and Other Drugs

HE 391 Stress Management

PSY 415 Psychology of Sports

Sep 2005Jun 2006

Multnomah University

Attended Multnomah University my freshmen year in 2005-2006 and started on the men's basketball team as a freshman


Premium Customer Service
Providing premium customer service is not just about helping customers at a baseline level, rather, it is about digging deeper to build a relationship and an experience that they can truly feel good about. It is very easy to answer a question or help someone find a product and then the interaction ends there. Premium service creates an experience that leaves customers excited to come back because they want that same genuine service again and again. Regardless of whether your serving a disgruntled customer or a happy one, having a genuine appreciation for their circumstance and need enables you to relate and build that connection. I know from first hand experience that customers appreciate it when they feel you aren't just trying to sell them something, but rather that you genuinely care and are listening to what it is they need. I appreciate this so much when I am receiving this kind of service, therefore it is always something I try to imitate in my work as well. 
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
I am continuing to develop and strengthen my skill set with Microsoft Office, and appreciating its value in multi-tasking, organizing, and preparing work in a structured format. 

"Innovation Is Our Advantage"


Diploma-Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Western Oregon University


Working in Cape Verde, Africa

News Release Basketball Tour


*Family and Friends 

*Sports (basketball) 



*Working with kids



Aaron C. Fahsholz

1224 SW Upland Dr.

Portland, OR 97221


[email protected]

"We Serve The Athlete"


Western Oregon University Monmouth, OR

Graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, Sports Management

Participated on teams that served in Cape Verde, Africa and various countries in Europe


Shipping and Receiving/Equipment Specialist       March 2011-Present

Nike Employee Store/ Beaverton Off-Site Beaverton, OR

·Intentionally connect and engage with consumers to help make sport come to life through premium        customer service

·Assist customer in finding products that support their needs

·Ensure accurate and timely POS pulls to be placed on the sales floor

·Train and supervise co-workers in daily tasks and responsibilities

·Help ensure cross functional communication to maximize efficiency between departments

·Multi-task in a high volume, high stress environment with close attention to detail

·Facilitate organization of all EQ within our warehouse making it easy to locate

·Responsible for EQ transfers from our location at the BOS to other Nike retail stores

·Assisted in the transition and opening of our new Off-Site warehouse expansion

·Experience with SAP ordering systems

Player Services SupervisorMarch 2010-September 2012

Langdon Farms Golf Club Aurora, OR

·Assist customers with their tournaments/ corporate events in a professional manner

·Adjust to customer needs on the fly and be flexible to changes in events

·Engage with customers intentionally; create a great experience for them

·Manage a team of co-workers and delegate responsibilities as needed

Official Team InternMay 2010- September 2010

Yamhill High Flyers Basketball McMinnville, OR

·Marketed this new franchise to surrounding communities through verbal, written, and online resources

·Multi-tasked in various areas of game day operations, fan appreciation events, and media support

·Was in charge of all areas of game film and recording for the team

Athletic Department Youth Sports Supervisor       September 2008-December 2009

Boys and Girls Club Albany, OR

·Confront issues that arise during games while responding quickly and responsibly

·Write up incident reports and scheduling in Word and Excel for superiors to address

·Communicate behavior expectations with fans, parents, coaches, and players

References Upon Request

Professional Competencies Reflection

"Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion"


Since my time in high school, I have had the privilege of building work experience in a variety of different fields. In every job that I have had, I have always been able to see myself grow as a person, as well as learn something new about myself that I didn't know when I started. I always thought that I had a good general idea of what I wanted to do for my career, but I never felt completely at peace being where I was. I didn't feel like I was being challenged and pushed to become a better professional, and for me, I wanted to find a place where I could continue to figure out what I wanted, but still be challenged to be better and grow in very unique ways. I have always been a very competitive person and I enjoy being surrounded by others who are wired the same way. This always brings out the best in me and keeps me constantly working to get better. I wanted to find a career and a place where I would be surrounded by this type of attitude and be challenged to go beyond my perceived limits.

In March 2011, I was given the opportunity to work at the Nike Employee Store as a part-time athlete. It didn't take me long to realize that this was a truly unique work environment and a company that fully encompassed all the qualities I was looking for. Sports have always been such a tremendous part of my life and I knew that I had found a place that wanted to bring that out more in me and stretch my ideas of what sport means and how it can be used globally. Since joining Nike, I have learned the value of being patient and remaining focused on my goals, perhaps more than ever before. I have learned to appreciate the process at Nike and realize that if WHQ truly is where I want to be, I'm going to make it happen one day because I am intentional, patient, and driven. Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion, but I would also say that nothing great will ever come easy. The challenge and competitive nature of Nike is what keeps me motivated and helps constantly remind me that there truly is something great here. I know that the reward with Nike is something that is worth being passionate about and working hard for. 

I am so appreciative of the skills and product knowledge I continue to gain while working at the NCS/BOS. I’ve seen how I have been able to personally progress from the day I started till now, and I take a lot of pride in that growth. My ability to network and engage with others in my field has improved tremendously, as I have been forced to alter the way I think about preparation and developing a relationship. I am excited about the direction I am headed and feel confident that if I keep working hard I will reach my goals. I want to remain patient and never forget that the time I have between now and my future job, is time I have to get better, and I never want to waste that or take it for granted.

Life's Most Important Questions

* My six word memoir: Character is revealed through our obstacles.

Who am I? My name is Aaron Fahsholz. I am a Christian. A husband. A son of two amazing parents. An athlete. A graduate of Western Oregon University in Exercise Science. A world traveler. A die hard basketball fan. An aspiring scratch golfer. A state champion. A Nike athlete. A duck and duke fan.

**And perhaps the only person you know that has played a real game of basketball while riding a donkey!      

 Where am I going? My goal is to become an ASR or CSR (Account/Customer Service Representative) at Nike World Headquarters. I want to continue building on the foundation of experience that I am getting at the Nike Company Store and Off-Site of serving the consumer and being part of a strong and passionate team. Eventually, I would love to be a representative for college basketball and help serve schools across the nation while growing the Nike brand. I would also love to work hands on with product by serving as a Product Wear Tester so that I can apply my degree in Exercise Science and work with college programs across the country. 

How am I going to get there? I plan on reaching my current and future goals by intentionally building and developing relationships with individuals that have gone before me as ASR's. The best advice and feedback I can get is from those that have gone through the same process and understand what it takes to be successful. I don't know everything when it comes to being a Nike ASR and I don't want to pretend like I do. Each person that I meet with will always bring a different perspective and that helps me understand how I can prepare and be ready. Second, I plan on being someone who is a willing volunteer. I understand that jobs don't happen everyday, therefore, I want to be take advantage of opportunities that help me build relationships and show that I am willing to learn and work with initiative. Finally, by building relationships and being willing to volunteer, I plan on equipping myself with the knowledge of what I can do to prepare until a job opens up. I want to be ready for every opportunity that comes up, and that requires me to do my own homework and grow in the skills that I will likely be using in that particular job. I understand that many skills can be taught upon hire, but I want to put my own time in to strengthening my work skills so that I truly can be the ideal candidate. 

How will I know I'm there? When I can support my family while getting paid for my passion of working at Nike. When I can wake up every single day and be excited for the opportunity to go to work and learn more about what I am passionate about. 

Who is going with me? Those that are going with me are those that have been with me and given me support every step of the way: My Heavenly Father who has blessed me in more ways than I could ever imagine. My wife, Allie, who is my best friend. Everyone in my family that continues to encourage me and remind me that hard work pays off. Also, everyone who I have gotten the chance to connect with at Nike and have taken the time to sit down with me, answer questions, and show me their support.