Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2010 - Jun 2010

Yamhill HighFlyers Basketball

International Basketball League (IBL)

Yamhill County's first and only professional sports team makes it's inaugural season in 2010 as a part of the up and coming International Basketball League. I worked as an intern for the HighFlyers, working hands on with owner and general manager Eric Bailey in various areas such as: promotions, marketing, game day operations, stats, and game film.

"In The News"- Western Oregon University

In June 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a team from WOU that went to Cape Verde, Africa to serve in 3 separate school's/orphanages. This was an amazing opportunity where we got to play with the kids and perform work projects on their facilities. Collectively we tried to gather as much supplies as we could before hand so that we could bring each orphanage things they needed most. We brought games, sports equipment, food, crafts, hygiene supplies, and tools to help service the specific needs of each facility. It was a phenomenal experience and a great opportunity to work as a team to make it all happen.

A few of the many fundraisers we put on included multiple benefit concerts, bake sales, car washes, and my favorite...Donkey Basketball!

Cape Verde- Alternative Break Service Trip


Sep 2006 - Mar 2010

Physical Education

Major: Core Courses  

PE 230 Foundations of Exercise Science

PE 310 Motor Learning

PE 371 Kinesiology

PE 415 Lifespan Motor Development

PE 444 Lifespan Adapted Physical Activity

PE 470 Sociological and Psychologoical Aspects of Physical Activity

PE 473 Physiology of Exercise

PE 483 Biomechanics

PE 484 Advanced Topics in Biomechanics

HE 325 Nutrition

HE 426 Sports Nutrition

BI 234-236 Anatomy and Physiology


EC 201 Intro to Microeconomics

EC 202 Intro to Macroeconomics

EC 318 Money and Banking

EC 334 Economics of Collegiate Sports

BA 361 Organizational Behavior

PE 376 Intro to Sports Management


PE 131 Individual Health and Fitness

PE 361 Coaching Youth Sports

PE 366 Coaching Basketball

PE 375 Athletics: Coaching and Administration

PE 377 College Sports Management PE 440 Legal Issues in PE and Sport

HE 366 Alcohol and Other Drugs

HE 391 Stress Management

PSY 415 Psychology of Sports

Sep 2005 - Jun 2006

Multnomah University

Attended Multnomah University my freshmen year in 2005-2006 and started on the men's basketball team as a freshman



Premium Customer Service

Providing premium customer service is not just about helping customers at a baseline level, rather, it is about digging deeper to build a relationship and an experience that they can truly feel good about. It is very easy to answer a question or help someone find a product and then the interaction ends there. Premium service creates an experience that leaves customers excited to come back because they want that same genuine service again and again. Regardless of whether your serving a disgruntled customer or a happy one, having a genuine appreciation for their circumstance and need enables you to relate and build that connection. I know from first hand experience that customers appreciate it when they feel you aren't just trying to sell them something, but rather that you genuinely care and are listening to what it is they need. I appreciate this so much when I am receiving this kind of service, therefore it is always something I try to imitate in my work as well. 

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

I am continuing to develop and strengthen my skill set with Microsoft Office, and appreciating its value in multi-tasking, organizing, and preparing work in a structured format. 

"Innovation Is Our Advantage"



Diploma-Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Western Oregon University