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Teacher's Philosophy

I firmly believe that one purpose of education is to teach children to be open-minded and accepting of all differences.The common saying “Knowledge is Power” holds true.Education should give both students and teachers the power to change the world for the better.

Learning should be student-centered and involve an active dialogue between student and teacher.It is important for art educators to have an excellent rapport with their students because children need to learn that they can trust adults and respect authority.In the art classroom, the role of the teacher is to provide a safe, structured, and creative environment, while the role of the student is simply to come to the art classroom with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Throughout my years of schooling, I have always viewed the art room as a haven, a stimulating environment in which I can relax and simply be myself.As an art educator, I want to provide the same type of environment for my students.Every student should feel safe in the art classroom and feel that his or her ideas are unique and significant.Both the art educator and the student need to have a positive attitude to establish and maintain this creative environment.Some students may think that they are not good at art, but with a positive attitude, they will develop in pride in their artwork and in the creative process, which they can enjoy.

Unlike other disciplines in which there is a concrete answer for every problem, there is no right or wrong answer in art.Art teaches children that there is more than one way to reach a solution to a problem.It also teaches children to respect each other’s differences, for every child has a unique artistic style.The artistic process can be easily related to other disciplines.For example, observation drawing can open up a student’s eyes to the field of science.

I believe that art educators should teach art that comes from a variety of ideas and influences, including both multicultural and contemporary, so that students can gain an appreciation of diversity.Art educators should teach lessons that are engaging, lessons that can relate to the students’ interests and experiences so that the final products are as diverse as the students themselves.Art educators should also act as catalysts of ideas and inspiration for their students; they should provide helpful hints and ask questions to enhance student thinking and learning.

I find teaching art to be the best job in the world.Art is my passion and to pass it on to young minds is an honor.Despite whatever is happening in today’s world, I feel that, through art, children will learn to respect human life and their environs.I feel at home when I am in the art classroom, and I would not trade that sense of belonging and creativity for anything else.


To obtain a teaching position for the Visual Arts in the K-12 level.  I am also interested in Museum Education and in non-profit art organizations.  I hope to have obtain National Board Certification and have my work published in major publications in my field such as Arts and Activities and SchoolArts. 

Work experience

Student Teacher

Peekskill City Schools-Woodside Elementary

As a Student Teacher, I taught lessons using elements and principles of art and design with both 2D and 3D concepts to kindergarten and grades 3-4 and kindergarten.  I incorporated literacy, multiculturalism, and observation drawing into lessons.  In addition, I helped design a backdrop for the school's spring concert with advanced art students.  I also collaborated with the school's Math Coach in successful planning and implementation of Math- Art Night and even got the opportunity to teach a lesson on symmetry. 

Oct 2007Present

Substitute Teacher

Peekskill City School District

As a substitute teacher, I teach lessons left by absent teacher to elementary and secondary students and practiced my own classroom management techniques.  

Jan 2011Present

Video Game Creation Instructor

Bits, Bytes, Bots Westchester

I am currently teaching Video Game Creation as an after- school program using Gamemaker software.  I work with elementary students in the Chappaqua, Katonah- Lewisboro, and Bedford School Districts. 

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Arts and Crafts Specialist

Camp Lokanda

I conducted painting, drawing, sculpture, and crafts projects with children ages 7-17 with co-specialist for the camp's Arts and Crafts program.  In addition, I helped create artwork and props for camp's drama production of "Annie" and displayed children's artwork for camp's Visiting Day event. 

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Ceramics Specialist

Girls Quest- Camp Oh-Neh-Tah

I taught ceramics hand-building techniques in a residential camp setting to girls from New York City ages 8-17.  My responsibilities as a Ceramics Specialist  include supervising and maintaining proper use of all equipment, coming up with age- appropriate activities for the participants, and displaying their ceramics work in the camp's Museum Night.   As part of the Program Staff in camp, I was responsible for the planning and implementing of camp unity events. 

Mar 2010Jun 2010

Leave-Replacement Art Teacher

Peekskill City School District- Peekskill High School

I was the Leave-Replacement Art Teacher at Peekskill High School, working with students in grades 9-12 teaching them a breadth of art techniques such as watercolor painting, collage and photo transfer.  I also displayed the students' work at a local community college. 

Jan 2007Mar 2007

Student Teacher

Carmel Central School District- George Fischer Middle School

I taught lessons using both contemporary and multicultural ideas such as Aboriginal X-Ray drawings and Street Art to students in grades 5-8.  I demonstrated proper use and techniques of a variety of materials for art production and created a display of student artwork in main hallway. 


Aug 2008Present

Master of Science in Education

State University of New York at New Paltz

I have spoken about my thesis at the USSEA (United States Society for the Education in the Arts) at SUNY New Paltz in June 2010. 

Aug 2003May 2007

Bachelor of Science

State University of New York at New Paltz

Student example- Aboriginal Art

Graduate Thesis Presentation

Kaleidoscope Lesson Plan


Technology Skills
  Technology skills include MS Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, iPhoto, iMovie, Gamemaker, and Infinite Campus.  I am also familiar with iPad and iOS platforms. 
Adobe Creative Suite
I took one semester of Graphic Design in which I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. 
I took one semester of Basic Printmaking in college where I learned the techniques of woodcut, intaglio, and silkscreen. 
I took one semester of Basic Ceramics in my undergrad.  I chose to concentrate in Ceramics for graduate school because it was a skill I wanted to improve in, so I took two semesters of it.  I am familiar with basic hand building techniques such as coils and slabs as well as wheel-throwing and slipcasting.  In both my graduate courses, I was required to make clay and glazes. 
Photography is another art form I enjoy.  I took a year-long course in film and darkroom in high school and a semester long course in college.  I also enjoy taking photographs with my digital camera, even though I have never taken a course in it.  Instead, I experiment with the camera and with photo editing.  My favorite subject matter to photograph are nature and architecture. 
I concentrated on both painting and drawing in high school and in college.  I am proficient in various drawing media including pencil, charcoal, and pastels.  In painting, I have used acrylic, oil, and watercolor.  In my personal work, I like to do mixed media work with painting, drawing, and collage.  I have taken a course in figure drawing as well. 


Sep 2007Sep 2012

Initial Certification