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Mr. Dekker is a ‘self-made entrepreneur’ who started his career, whilst studying computer sciences, founding the first commercial internet provider in the Netherlands. As CEO Mr. Dekker gained extensive (international) experience in management, commerce, product and services development, marketing, legal, finance and M&A.

After the sales of the company to a NASDAQ listed company, Mr. Dekker worked successfully as Country Manager for the buyer.

After a two year sabbatical Mr. Dekker continued his career as entrepreneur starting and expanding several companies focussing on retail, online and financial services.

Mr. Dekker excels when injecting his entrepreneurial and managerial skills and experience in innovative environments. His ‚out of the box’ thinking and helicopter view can create new perspectives, but always with the client's needs in clear vision, he manages to be successful in difficult situations.

Work experience



Audio Note India

After marrying an Indian National, founded Audio Note India on request of Audio Note UK in order to set up direct sales structure and dealer network to sell high end audio equipment in the Indian market.



Traveling around the world to visit innovating environments, helping entrepreneurs whilst gathering new inspirations and knowledge.


Founder / CEO

SellanApp BV

SellanApp was an innovative online App Publishing company, offering an integrated solution for the (crowd)funding, development, publishing an promotion of iOS apps. After onboarding almost 10K members from 40 countries, the company was eventually dissolved by its main shareholders due to lack of available funding for early stage startups in The Netherlands.


Founder / Director

Nederlandsche Participatie Exchange (NPEX)

NPEX is the Dutch equivalent of the US based alternative stock exchange 'Second Market' ( NPEX provides listing and trading opportunities in illiquid assets in the European market. See also


Founder / Director


Zoficiënt aimed to implement an online (payment) service connecting health insurance companies, citizens and health-care providers trough ‘health savings accounts’. The concept would literally transform the health insurance industry in the Netherlands, but was never materialised due to political and legislation issues.


Founder / Director

Helinet BV

Helinet aimed to build an international network of heliports from which we will pro- vide a low cost scheduled flight services by helicopter as an alternative travel option for business people. After securing over USD$20 million in capital, the project eventually was aborted due to national political reasons.


Management Consultant 

Audio Note UK Ltd

Repositioning and change-management for a leading international manufacturer of high-end audio equipment.


Founder / CEO

Audio Note Nederland BV

Realisation of a marketing and sales concept for worlds finest music equipment.


Interim Manager

ING Bank Nederland

After sale of Fundix to the ING Bank, Mr. Dekker acted as consultant for the transfer and integration of the Fundix ICT systems into the systems of ING at Finport BV.


Chief Technology Officer / Investor

Fundix BV

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and informal investor at Fundix BV (now Pritle), the first and now a leading online mutual funds broker, see also



As owner of the 85 feet classic Motor Yacht ‘Double Dekker’ Mr. Dekker executed a complete refit of his Yacht at an Italian Shipyard. During a period of 9 months he worked with an international team of craftsmen to bring the yacht in immaculate condition.

The Yacht made a voyage of almost two years during which the Yacht was chartered to international celebrities whilst Mr. Dekker acted as one of the crew-member.


Interim Manager

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Turn around management for a medium sized company in the media industry.


Country Manager 

PSINet Netherlands BV

After the sale of The Unix Group BV acting as Country Manager of PSINet Netherlands with focus on autonomous growth and M&A. PSINet had a long- standing tradition of providing superior service for Internet connectivity, hosting-services and support tools such as security. In fact, PSINet has the great honor of being the first commercial ISP ever established.


Founder / CEO

Unix Group BV

The Unix Group provided support in design, realisation and maintenance of open technology based ICT infrastructure. As such it acted as the holding company for Unix Support Nederland BV and Internet Exchange Europe BV.


Founder / Director

Internet Exchange Europe BV (IXE)

Internet Exchange Europe BV was the first top-level Internet provider in the Netherlands. Providing (frame-relay) based leased-line connections to businesses and ISP's. IXE introduced flat-fee - single-hop connections and bandwidth management to the Dutch market. IXE, with other parties, founded the Amsterdam Internet Exchange AMS-IX which is now now to the most important Internet Exchanges woldwide.


Projectmanager - ALD Project Postkantoren BV

USN / Digital

Besides working as CEO for USN Mr. Dekker worked in this period as project- manager for Digital BV to complete a (re-)development of the ICT systems and network of Postkantoren BV (over 4000 sites).


Founder / CEO

Unix Support Nederland BV (USN)

Unix Support Nederland BV is a centre of excellence focusing on support, software development, security, and maintenance of open systems. See also


Game Programmer

Self Employed

One of the first ‘computer game’ programmers in the Netherlands coding games in C and (68K) assembler.

Non-Professoinal Affiliations

  • Member of the Board Pallas Athene CSHH 1989-1990. Mr. Dekker was chosen as member of the board of one of the largest student societies in the Netherlands (1500 members) where he was responsible for financing, realisation and exploitation of a new self supporting student-club. For this he was unanimously elected as Member of Honour in 1990.
  • Member of the advisory board of the Haagse Hogeschool 1989-1990 
  • Member of the advisory committee for Helicopter Safety for the Dutch Government 2009
  • Licensed Mediation Facilitator (OSHO)

Integrity & Expertise

Mr. Dekker was successfully audited by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) for integrity and (financial) expertise. 

Mr. Dekker was invited several time by the Dutch Ministry of economic affairs to participate in round-table discussions regarding innovation.








"Aernoud is a straight forward nice guy where I love to work with. Together we founded SellanApp and from the first day I appreciate his honesty, expertise and sense of responsibility. He knows a lot about building great companies and he's not afraid to go past traditional rules and be a professional rebel. He knows a lot of people from different industries and I think that is a sign he has a positive trustworthy attitude towards the people around him. As business partners, we complete each other, I really enjoy working with him!"

- Milan van den Bovenkamp, Co-Founder SellanApp BV.

"I know Mr. Dekker as a capable and trustworthy person with excellent communication and negotiation skills. He a creative entrepreneur and (business development) manager who always finds 'unexpected' ways to realize his targets. I'm sure Mr. Dekker is a valuable asset in any organisation."

- Frans van de Broek, Entrepreneur

"I can recommend Aernoud since he is a person who has an original mind and is able to implement his out of the box thinking towards concrete opportunities. Aernoud is a loyal person, easy in writing and presenting the company or any project. Aernoud has a strong view towards new business opportunities and is an early adapter on various fields. Besides all the above he is a nice guy."

- Adriaan Hendrikse, Director Nederlandsche Participatie Exchange (NPEX)

"Aernoud is a strong personality who combines technical skills with a visionary business strategy. Thinking out-of-the-box but always with the client's needs in clear vision, he manages to be successful in difficult situations."  

- Klaas van der Lugt,

"While Aernoud’s workshop doesn’t claim to deliver a lifetime knowledge of a Tibetian Yogi, it does in fact deliver a very structured and methodological body of understanding that spans the entire course of a meditation session, the theory, the stages, the sensations, colours, inner conscious, 3rd eye, and more. This workshop has literally blown our mind, and we earned a significant tool for life, and a dear friend. Beyond all, we found Aernoud to be an amazing person, humble, real, and doing a lot of good in this world. Thank you so much!"

- Yafit & Oren (Ko Panghan)