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Early Life

I was born between 1540-1544 in Tavistock, England. I have 12 siblings. My father is a minister for the navy. Then my father was accused of robbery and he left in 1548. I grew up by the sea but when I was eighteen, I went to work for a sea captain. I found my home living and working on a ship.  


  • Find out if Tierra del Fuego is an archipelago or a larger continent.
  • To break Spain's rule of the oceans.
  • To sail around the world


When I was 18  I became my cousin, John Hawkins, apprentice. John Hawkins was a ship captain. We went to the caribbeans.  I learned a lot about the sea and how to run a ship on that voyage. I speak English and Spanish.


I have had many experiences including:

  • A voyage with my cousin to help him and to learn all about being an explorer.
  • I circumnavigated the world.


  • In 1577 Queen Elizabeth chose me to be head of an expedition to circumnavigate the globe. It took me about 3 years. I took 5 ships with a crew of approximately 164. The ships names where Pelican, Elizabeth, Swan, Marigold, and Benedict.  I stopped in 1579 to repair the Golden Hind (the Pelican I just re-named it Golden Hind) which was the only vessel to make it back with 58 men that survived.
  • I took 2 voyages to the West  Indies in 1570 and 1571 but I forgot the details about them. All I remember is my cousin John Hawkins died of a fever on one of them.      


  • I found that Tierra del Fuego was actually an archipelago.
  • I was the first to circumnavigate the globe.
  •  Defeated the Spanish Armada.


While I thought I was a pretty good man the spanish didn't think so. I did take the stuff off their ships and then sink their ships but it was for England. Queen Elizabeth would always tell me that I was doing a good job at what I did but I could tell that she was telling the Spanish that I was doing bad things.