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I love marketing. Need I say more? Probably...

In my current role, I have had extensive, hands-on experience in a very broad and diverse range of marketing activities. From data gathering and analysis, through planning, budgeting, writing, design (and managing a designer), production, negotiations, placement, and back to analysis – I have been doing it all. And I love every part of it.

I am very analytical and enjoy extracting actionable, useful insights from data (such as surveys and sales data), though I think about problems creatively and usually prefer the simple solution. In general, I am extremely motivated to exceed expectations and to improve. I find it highly rewarding to complete projects successfully, on time, and under budget. If I do not receive feedback, I will ask for it. I work well autonomously and with little guidance (such as in my current position), though I have also led and participated in multiple teams academically, in the military, as a volunteer for Tony Robbins events, and in a residence life university environment.

Optimally, I would enjoy working in an environment like that of a small, fast-paced, challenging company where much is expected and excellence is acknowledged. I recognize that such an environment can be fostered in companies of all sizes.

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Marketing Manager

Honda/ Acura

Since 2007 I have served as an in-house Marketing Manager (replacing a full service marketing agency) in the NY area. I am responsible for all marketing efforts from conception, planning, negotiating and budgeting (over $1m/year), through production, placement, implementation and tracking.

I am experienced in and thoroughly enjoy traditional marketing (such as print, outdoor, television, radio, direct marketing, and promotions). A growing share of my time and efforts, however, has been devoted to online marketing. I am also responsible for all of the following activities: PPC/ SEM, email marketing, blogging, twitter, facebook (pages and ad campaigns, etc. With these responsibilities, being highly PC-literate has been helpful.

May 1997Present

Crew Member

Anthony Robbins Companies

They say that the goal of volunteering is to help others. That makes sense, and it’s the truth, but it’s not the whole truth, at least not in my case.

For over 12 years, I have been crewing Tony Robbins events. I have been part of an outstanding team of people from every reach of the globe and every walk of life, who come together (on their own dime) to help facilitate Tony’s life-changing events. These events have helped, directly and indirectly, positively transform the lives of millions (yes, millions) of people worldwide.

I have made some of my best friends at these events; I have had the privilege of traveling throughout the continental US, Hawaii, and Fiji to crew these events; and, having crewed over 40 events, I continue to learn something new and grow every time.

What I used to think would be about other people has turned out to be, most profoundly, about me.

Jan 2004May 2007

Head Resident/ Resident Assistant

I was hired to become a Resident Assistant during the first semester of my freshman year. I remained on the Residence Life staff throughout my college career, taking on more responsibility with each role. I led a staff of 10 Resident Assistants during two academic years. During my first year as a Head Resident, I increased the annual programming budget by 130 percent by creating fund-raising t-shirt project and by finding a discount provider. As a Head Resident, along with my staff and Area Coordinator, I oversaw the residence life experience of 300 freshmen and 600 junior and senior students. During this time, I also led and coordinated programming to suit the interests of both underclassmen and upperclassmen.

Letters of recommendation from my superiors at the Dean’s Office (including the Dean) are available upon request.

Jun 2006Aug 2006

Marketing Intern

The Connect Network

In this role, I developed extensive market research content for the new extension of the Connect Network nonprofit website ( I also utilized meetings and online surveys to solicit needs of regional nonprofit community.

Jul 2005Aug 2005

Marketing Consultant

Connect: Richmond

In this paid position, I developed secondary marketing research content for "Connect: Richmond". I also Created a detailed marketing plan and implementation strategy the then-new organization. A letter of recommendation from the Director is available, upon request.

Oct 1999Oct 2002

First Sergeant



Jul 2003May 2007



  • Magna cum Laude (GPA: 3.78)
  • Dean’s List (2003-2007)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Honor Society)
  • Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honor Society)
  • University of Richmond Most Significant Contributor (2003–2004)


Bill Keefe

“I know Jesse to be a truly outstanding individual who, through his hard work, dedication, and work ethic, became a key member of the Anthony Robbins Companies Crew organization. Especially in regards to his responsibilities with the Fire Team. Jesse would take on any and all duties asked of him and quickly gained the respect of his co-workers, evolving into one of the leaders within a very elite team. Jesse was one of the first members of the Fireteam to be recognized for his contributions by receiving the "Ultimate FireTeamer" award in it's inaugural year. I cannot imagine a company or organization that would not benefit greatly by Jesse's contributions.”

Jason Kaufman

“When I started with Premium Productions, Jesse was my first successful cold call. He has always been very responsive, respectful, accommodating and appreciative of my time. Coming from outside of the car business, Jesse understands the principles of marketing and sees things from the customer's perspective. Many of the ideas I bring out to other clients stem from concepts we come up with together. I value his opinion and always share new ideas with him looking for his feedback. Jesse is a pleasure to work with.”

David Gloss

“Jesse is a resource and expert in the marketing field. We have collaborated on several projects together yielding tremendous results. Jesse demonstrates excellent organizational skills and is extremely thorough in his responsibilities. I recommend him as a business partner.”

Jason Causa

“Jesse is a shrewd marketing analyst who always makes informed decisions in his company's best interests. Highly recommended.”

Glenn Geissinger

“Jesse is an excellent marketing manager who knows how to best promote his business. Jesse thoughtfully considers all choices and performs quick, accurate and complete analysis of the marketing options. Jesse would be an invaluable asset to any company's marketing organization.”



Online Marketing
I am not, not will I ever claim to be, an “Online Marketing” or “Social Media” “Guru.” What I am is a marketing manager with a passion for the online component. I do not think that traditional (“offline”) marketing is a waste and should be discarded. For most companies, online marketing should be part of an overall marketing strategy. Having said that, it is clear that all companies must be aware of, and acknowledge, the importance of online marketing.    I view online marketing as an increasingly-integral slice of the marketing pie. To that extent, more and more of my efforts and new learning are devoted to online marketing, both personally and professionally.    Search Engine Marketing: I have experience creating SEM (or, PPC) campaigns via Google AdWords and on Facebook. Additionally, I use a national SEM provider for two company websites, taking advantage of their superior campaign optimization (effectiveness) and purchasing power (efficiency).   Email Marketing: Currently, I create monthly email campaigns, sent to 4,500 customers. I have created approximately 30 campaigns using an online email system called Emma Email Marketing (similar to Constant Contact). I am responsible for the entire process including design (and image manipulation), copy, and tracking.   Online Reputation Marketing: Publicity: I utilize to publish press releases online and as a guaranteed way reach certain news channels. Reviews: Occasional negative online reviews are inevitable; still, they can severely damage a company’s reputation. The best way to counteract them is to drown them out by making it easy for satisfied customers (“fans”) to post online reviews. I include direct links to online review sites in every email campaign (especially to those sites whose reviews are visible on Google Local). Since starting this effort, about 10 positive online reviews have appeared on an industry-leading review site. Increasing the number of online reviews also increases a company’s perceived popularity in the minds of would-be buyers. Surveys: Online surveys are a simple and effective way to gather valuable primary data from customers. Each of the emails I send includes a link to a short online survey. Click here for an example.   Social Media: Professionally, the primary social media marketing tool that I use is Facebook. I have created, and maintain, Facebook Pages for each location. I have also created Facebook SEM campaigns, targeting very specific audiences. Facebook is a great way to engage current and potential customers on their terms. I use Facebook to share recent ads and commercials, invite people to sales events, and so forth. Personally, I also participate on Twitter (@jessekedy) and many other social media sites. Other online media I utilize include YouTube (primarily to publish new commercials) and Blogger (primarily to publish press releases).   Websites: In my current role, I was responsible for hiring a new Web design & hosting company. I also provided layout and design instructions for the new website. Periodically, I provide copy and design instructions for a landing page (such as for a new product release or for Facebook visitors).   I have also created websites, such as and I use the sites’ back-end tools, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools to help optimize the sites.   For more examples of my onlne marketing work, click here.
Budgeting & Resource Efficiency
I am a big believer in lean operations and a large part of my responsibilities, as I see them, involve continuously improving marketing spending efficiency. My goal, besides generating the most effective, impactful marketing campaigns, is to get the most “bang for the buck”. This involves monitoring rates on a monthly basis and a lot of creative negotiation with providers.   Since beginning my current role, I have been able to achieve significantly lower advertising rates across the entire marketing spectrum. In many cases (such as with print and online marketing), I have more than tripled the impact of each marketing dollar spent.   I discuss the budgeting process in more detail here, as well as show an example advertising budget.  
Marketing Data Analysis
I enjoy data, and I believe that analysis should be the first and last steps in a marketing plan. It helps marketers make better decisions about how to best reach their audience (as well as define that audience) and, just as importantly, it helps determine areas of improvement for future campaigns.   I have created various online and offline surveys as a student, as an intern, and as a marketing professional.   Examples of the analysis I have conducted professionally can be viewed here.   I have also used programs such as SPSS (and Answertree) extensively, in an academic setting. Click here for a retail analysis presentation about Best Buy, based on SPSS. This was a group project, though I was the group’s leader and a source of key ideas and decisions.
Writing/ Copywriting
I have always been a good writer. Before matriculating as an undergraduate, I tested out of the English writing requirement; during my first semester in college, I was asked to be a University writing fellow. And, throughout my undergraduate career, I proofread and helped append many reports.   In my current position, I am required to write a wide variety of advertising copy, from TV and radio scripts, through catchy headlines and disclaimers. I also write copy for various brands, each of which has its own brand guidelines, requiring different writing styles. I believe that, to write successful advertising copy, I must have an understanding of the product/ service, the branding goals, and, most importantly, the target audience (their motivators – requirements/ desires/ fears – their lifestyles, life-stages, and so forth).   You can view samples of TV & Radio commercials I have created here.