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In operation since 2011, Advanced Body Scan in Oklahoma City offers advanced medical imaging services. Available scans include bone density, heart, lung, virtual colonoscopy, and multiple types of body scans. While the Basic Body Scan images the heart, lungs, and abdomen/pelvis, the Presidential Body Scan images the same parts of the body but also includes a bone density scan and a virtual colonoscopy. For an additional fee, customers can meet with a member of the Advanced Body Scan staff and receive a personalized review of the results of a body scan. Advanced Body Scan’s core mission is to provide clients the highest quality preventative scans. Problems with organs and other parts of the body can often be detected by a scan before they become symptomatic, allowing more effective treatment to take place sooner. While most medical imaging businesses often rely upon doctor referrals, Advanced Body Scan seeks to attract individuals who desire to take a proactive stance on their health. For instance, individuals who may have high cholesterol, a family history of a medical problem, high blood pressure, or diabetes, among other health issues may opt for a scan in order to find problems in the early stages.Advanced Body Scan utilizes state of the art technology, relying upon Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) for much of the imaging that occurs at the clinic. EBT scans emit up to 20 times less radiation than older scans, making it safer for individuals to get preventative scans. To view a full list of services and a complete price list, visit the official website at