A provider of advertising solutions online, AdUp Media leverages its technological expertise to satisfy its client base of web publishers looking to maximize revenue and advertisers looking for market penetration. The company facilitates the success of both parties through its powerful network capabilities that include text and banner advertisements delivered to the right market venue serving the right target demographic worldwide. AdUp Media commits to helping advertisers and publishers meet their goals in a cost effective manner.In furnishing solutions for advertisers, AdUp Media leverages both its advanced ad-placement systems and its staff of customer service professionals to secure a healthy rate of return on digital marketing investments. The company’s extensive network reaches more than 85 percent of all users in the United States.While that number may daunt other online advertisers, AdUp Media employs specialized targeting technology to speak to exactly the share of that percentage most likely to encourage a satisfying return. Customers participate directly in the ad-making process by shaping the ad, attributing key words to it, and choosing the click rates for those keywords. If customers are unsure about which click rate to choose, they can consult AdUp’s click rate optimizer.For web publishers, AdUp Media encourages increased traffic through its filtering technology and its search engine optimization (SEO) support. In fact, the company employs a team of SEO professionals with experience satisfying the needs of customers ranging in size. The company’s technology allows publishers to customize their own ad displays to fit the particular aesthetic of their web presence.To learn more about AdUp Media’s marketing solutions and to register as either a publisher or an advertiser, visit the company’s website.

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