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  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • International Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing 
  • Business
  • Charity work

Advanced Classes

IB English 11IB English 12Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2 yrs 2009-2011Advanced American HistoryAdvanced World HistoryConcert Choir 2 yrs 2010-2012Sounds of Summit Chamber Choir 2011-2012International Studies Program at Summit Technology Academy 2011-2012


Letter 4 yrs in music 2001-2012Science Academic AwardEnvironmental 2nd place art awardState contest ensemble 2010-2011All-district choir 2011-2012National Championship Robotics 1st place 2010-2011MMEA request performances 2011-2012Piccalo Spolletto music performances in Charleston SC 2012

Latin American recognition at UMKC career training 2010-2011Preludium Chamber Choir 2010-2011Sounds of Summit Chamber Choir 2011-2012






Community Involvement

Christmas in October 1 yr
  • cleaned out an old house in north kansas city for an elderly couple who were hoarders and were disabled. They were unable to clean, or afford other services. As a part of christmas in october, on top of cleaning, we also remodeled their home as volunteers.
Coastal Cleanup 2 yrs
  • In kansas with Black & Veatch engineering company, we went to ___ park where we spent the entire day picking up trash and cleaning a park no matter the weather conditions as volunteers.
Hebraica Kids Counselor 3 yrs in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Went to Caracas Venezuela to work in a Jewish Academy over the summer to take care of children ranging from ages 2-14 for a span of 1month-3months each time. I was a volunteer for the first two years. The third year i was paid in Bolivars and gave the money to my grandparents.
Sunset Valley assistant
  • I was a teachers assistant as a volunteer for the A+ program. I stayed for a few months before switching to a different A+ job.
Prairie View Kids Country counselor
  • Throughout my senior year in high school i volunteered as a caretaker of 30-60 children after school from 3:00pm-5:30pm without pay.

Extra Curricular Activities

Robotics Team Driven 2010-2012Spanish Club 2009-2012Sounds of Summit Chamber Choir 2011-2012Preludium Chamber Choir 2010-2011Varsity Lacrosse 2010-2011A+ program 2011-2012



My name is Allie Duncan and I am 17 years old. I am graduating from Lee's Summit High School on May 10th 2012. I am a bilingual, jewish teenager growing up in a cross cultural style home. My mother is from Caracas, Venezuela and my father is from Kansas City, Missouri. I have family all over the world and have been exposed to different cultures from a very young age. I have never had a job because I have kept my focus on my school-work for the past 4 years. I am currently enrolled in Longview Metropolitan Community College through the A+ program. After my Associates Degree I plan on going to a 4 year college for a major in Business and a minor in International Studies. 


I have been committed to choir, ensemble, and solo singing since I was in kindergarten. A teacher first noticed me singing to myself in a bathroom stall after lunch, she encouraged me to get into choir and ever since I have been passionate about music. State 12 for two ensembles and a solo , 11 for an ensemble, 10 for an ensemble District 10, 11, 12 same All District choir 12 Sounds of summit 12 Preludium 11 Concert choir 11, 12 Youth Choral all metro Voice lessons 10, 11, 12 Mrs. Munce  
I took classes outside of school for Art and Design. I took 2 summer art & design classes in Olathe, Kansas before my Freshman year of highschool. During High School I took 2 classes of art and 1 class of graphics technology. I won a local competition for an ad campaign drawn by youth. 'Give a Hoot, Don't pollute'. I was also offered a spot in IB Art without any previous advanced classes due to the quality of my work, but unfortunately my schedule would not allow it.
I am fluent in Spanish but I have also studied Spanish in High School for 3 years. My Freshman and Sophomore year I was in the Spanish for Heritage Speakers class. My Junior year I was in Spanish IV. My Senior year was when I was going to take IB Spanish but could not due to complications in my schedule. However; I am going to take the IB Spanish Exam.


Aug 2008May 2012

High School Diploma

Lee's Summit High School
GPA:3.19 Class Rank:182/426

Work experience

May 2008Aug 2008



I worked as a kids counselor in a Jewish school for summer camp. I took care of, fed, cleaned up after, and played with children all day. The children were ranging from age 2 to 14. I worked for three summers in a row.