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Work experience

Sep 1999Present


Utilitarienne (formerly Tangibility Design)
  • Performed upwards of 25 complete and partial implementations of the ExpressionEngine content management system, including:
    • structuring channels and data
    • building templates, both from scratch and from provided HTML/CSS
    • installing and leveraging custom add-ons from many third-party developers
    • using custom PHP where required
    • Implementing sitemaps, feeds, and SEO metadata (often using LG Better Meta; sometimes via custom solutions)
    • utilizing both 1.x and 2.x versions, and performing 1.x to 2.x upgrades
  • Provided design, marketing and consulting services including logo & identity design, annual report design, web design and production, and training to many clients. Major projects include:
    • the web presence of a major cultural festival in the Memphis, TN region
    • a logo and identity/branding system for a local jewelry company
    • a logo and web site for a local union organization, with accompanying training for staff
    • websites for several local and regional political candidates
    • collateral and computer services for a nationally-known interior design firm
Jun 2011Aug 2012

Software Lead Developer / ExpressionEngine Expert

The Nerdery
  • Led three full ExpressionEngine projects including:
    • Writing scope and technical requirements documents
    • Planning out site architecture and template structure
    • Managing a team of 3-5 developers to accomplish tasks including template build-out, custom add-on development, and front-end integration
    • Working directly with PM and client to meet deadlines and reach project goals
    • Responsibility for ticket triage and bug fix assignment during QA process and client warranty
    • Coordination of client training and client-focused documentation
  • Participated in several ExpressionEngine implementations as a developer
  • Wrote several custom ExpressionEngine add-ons for specific client projects, including a complex custom module that retrieved and updated data via a third-party API
  • Built a Facebook tab and a tiny content management application (in CodeIgniter) to manage the content of the tab
  • Created a build script to streamline ExpressionEngine project setup and deployment, saving developers an average of 1 hour per person per project
  • Served on the Nerdery's ExpressionEngine Standards & Practices committee for 10 months
Oct 2006May 2011

Web Developer

Magellan Health Services (Oct 2006-Oct 2007 contracted through Adaptive Solutions Group)
  • Designed new look and feel for Magellan Intranet applications.
  • Created comprehensive documentation to assist in implementation of look and feel, as well as user-experience guidelines and best practices.
  • Created templates using standards-compliant XHTML, HTML5 and CSS.
  • Used best practices and standards in making sites that are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible for a wide variety of users
  • Deployed templates to over 30 independent Intranet application projects, and customized each application as needed.
  • Introduced the third-party Javascript library jQuery, and served as an evangelist and “expert resource” for its use and implementation across both Intranet and external projects.
Jul 2006Feb 2007

Technical Lead

RacingNetSource, Inc.
  • Developed entirely CSS-based templates for five large-scale online magazines.
  • Created PHP scripts and new workflow to handle administrative functions for the magazines, saving upwards of 30 person-hours per month.
  • Regularly created individual layouts for web magazines using both graphic design skills and best practices of accessible/clean Web development.
  • Created layouts for print magazines.
  • Developed a simple inbound ad-tracking system for the online magazines.
Feb 2006Mar 2006

Web Developer

The Federal Reserve Bank (contracted through KPG, Inc.)

  • Wrote scope, workflow, and analysis documentation for a new Web application whose purpose was to manage volunteers for charity events.
  • Designed and created pages and page templates for the online training portion of the application.
  • Interfaced with a back-end SQL Server 2000 database using ColdFusion to handle the administrative functions of the application.
Oct 2005Dec 2005

Web Designer/Developer

Magellan Health Services (contracted through Analysts International, Inc.)

  • Designed and implemented application templates to fit into look-and-feel of existing Magellan web presence.
  • Trained other members of the team on advanced CSS techniques.
  • Helped update current web applications and pages to comply with current coding standards and best practices.
  • Worked toward making all current customer-focused sites and applications compliant with Section 508 regulations and WCAG recommendations.
Apr 2004Jul 2005

Web & Data Manager

Siboney Learning Group
  • Administered a major SQL Server 2000 database and front-end CRM system, including building and revising screens for the front-end interface, backup and restore procedures, creating stored procedures, views, and functions, and performing regular queries and reports against the database.
  • Analyzed data from the CRM to identify key customers and prospects to assist in marketing/sales efforts.
  • Maintained the company’s entire web presence, consisting of six external sites and the Intranet.
  • Created extensive documentation about the CRM to assist sales people in entering and retrieving data.
  • Assisted art department as necessary, creating several Flash presentations as well as doing print layout.
  • Acted as backup proofreader for all outgoing marketing materials.
Apr 2002Feb 2004

Web Production Asisstant

Vertis, Inc. (April 2002 - August 2002 contracted through The Creative Group)
  • Performed production-level image and layout manipulation work in Photoshop and Quark XPress on both PC and Macintosh platforms.
  • Created automated procedures for Photoshop and ImageReady which saved more than 50 person-hours per month.
  • Managed assets and metadata using Telescope and SQL database solutions.
  • Developed and created content for the office Intranet and completely redesigned it for a cross-platform, cross-browser environment.
Jul 2001Apr 2002


The Divisions of Robert Half International

  • Performed short-term contract work for a variety of companies in many fields. Assignments included:
    • Access database construction and administration.
    • high-level documents organization to ensure compliance with government regulations.
    • newsletter design and typesetting.
    • maintenance of software and computer systems.
Jan 2000Jun 2001

Web Designer

Concord EFS

  • Created and produced a total of over 150 design templates for an in-house e-commerce and cart system.
  • Designed and implemented over 20 complete websites for a variety of clients.


Accessibility/universal design considerations
UX methodologies
I am familiar with basic methodologies for analyzing & improving user experience, including eye tracking, card sorting, A/B testing, and focus groups
Technical writing
E-Commerce considerations & implementation
I have experience setting up most aspects of e-commerce for websites, including helping clients with merchant accounts, interfacing with payment gateways, and implementing shopping carts and catalog software (including FoxyCart, Magento, OSCommerce, and others)
Microsoft Office
Geolocation & mapping APIs
Data visualization & infographic creation
Web server management (Apache)
Proofreading & copyediting
Cloud computing (CDN usage, Amazon EC2 and S3)
Web metadata and machine-readability (RDF, Microformats)
Internationalization principles & considerations
I have experience with various challenges related to localization and internationalization, including translation and character set issues, database collation, and various other considerations
Version control using SVN, Git, & Microsoft TFS
UI/UX principles
CMS/blog software
I have some experience with several other CMS and blog packages, including Joomla, Concrete5, Textpattern, and Drupal
SQL and implementations
I have extensive experience with both MySQL and Microsoft's SQL Server, and some experience with PostGreSQL and OracleDB
Wordpress CMS
ExpressionEngine CMS
Adobe Photoshop