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To aid corporates raise awareness of sleep disordered breathing, expand the market, together with visualising potential risks to existing revenues. All of which of course grows the bottom line.


Adrian Zacher describes himself as a 'foodie'! 

Adrian enjoys travelling, cycling, motorsport, fine wine, family and friends.


Adrian Zacher's career has to date been in two parts. The first being the academic and technical foundation and the second being the commercialisation of this knowledge.

Adrian Zacher is a natural leader, change instigator, scenario builder and strategic planning facilitator. - Influencing

- Developing relationships

- Technical expertise

- Communicating complex information simply

- Leadership

- Commercial Awareness Adrian Zacher is a creative, strategic, futures thinker grounded with business issue solving methodologies and excellent analytical skills.


Dental Sleep Medicine
Sleep disordered breathing treatment modalities have in the past been confined to surgical procedures on the soft palate/nose or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy.   Custom-made oral appliances, variously known as mandibular advancement/repositioning devices, dental devices, splints or mouthpieces are now becoming increasingly validated for effective treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). These are generally associated with enhanced compliance and patient acceptance than PAP for a patient with mild to moderate OSA.   Adrian Zacher's expertise, technical know-how, credibility with KOLs, worldwide market knowledge and creative strategic thinking, combine to provide a unique skillset, developed within this field since 1994.
Futures and Foresight strategic planning
Using futures thinking management teams can collaboratively 'paint' their futures. Then by 'navigating' each scenario potentially anticipate and outmanoeuvre their competitors.    The aim is to produce ONE strategic plan, that although perhaps not perfect in any given future, can be optimised as events unfold. Having thought about the 'what ifs', the real benefit is that the team have considered the options and inertia is overcome, which may provide a competitive advantage or mitigate risk.   My skill is in communicating and facilitating this methodology in plain language to provide tangible gains.

Work experience

Oct 2009Feb 2012

International Business Development Manager


Adrian Zacher was responsible for Narval Mandibular Repositioning Devices (MRDs) for sleep apnoea.Adrian defined new product positioning on a ‘per Country’ basis, identifying patient disease progression to tie in with broader ResMed product-set sales pipeline. Created global priorities matrix with market entry pre-conditions to focus future launches.Investigation, strategic analysis and global business case construction. Launched in Sweden and then implemented growth strategies, 100% revenue increase in FY12 from FY11.Supported the launch in Canada, providing strategic guidance and training recommendations.Distribution agreements for European countries, writing contracts and seeing through to signing.Sales team & distributor training; developing both content and delivery.Project lead for Narval marcomms.Instigated new technical developments in line with CAD/CAM digital dentistry, etc.Utilised significant industry contacts developed over 18 years to build strong commercial alliances. Identified cultural differences causing challenges and set up specialist international team to resolve.Submitted ideas and invented designs for product development.

Sep 2009Dec 2009

Export Manager

Laboratoires Narval

In this role Adrian Zacher reviewed potential export markets and began to create market entry strategies.

Internal relationship development was also considered a valuable asset across cultures.

Mar 2009May 2009


Oxford Brookes University

Investigating methods of facilitating professional service experts, creation of strategic marketing and business development plans, in changing times.

Sep 2008Mar 2009

KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Associate

Oxford Brookes University

Working as an employee of Oxford Brookes University Business School, and seconded to a particular company client, Adrian Zacher's role was to both investigate the client's current market sector and wider options for their diversification.

Using 'Futures Thinking' methodologies, several plausible scenarios for each of the four sectors the company operated in, were collaboratively created.

Concurrently, analysis revealed the client's true "core competence", and later several significant diversification opportunities were identified that matched this and other relatively easily acquired ones.

Subsequently, diversification risk mitigation strategies for the client's current business were proposed, that provided a way forward and clarity of purpose.

Nov 2006Aug 2008

Management Consultant

ResMed (UK) Ltd.

Adrian Zacher consulted to ResMed on confidential strategic plans and provided analysis.

Sep 2003Nov 2006

Managing Director

ZSA Ltd. (Zacher Sleep Appliances)

As the business developed Zacher Sleep Appliances changed its legal status. In 2005 Adrian Zacher launched the two-day residential "Oxford Sleep Seminar" which was a successful and internationally attended first.

This also provided the platform to launch the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Jan 1996Aug 2003


Zacher Sleep Appliances

In 1996 Adrian Zacher pioneered "Zacher Sleep Appliances", a specialist dental laboratory manufacturing custom dental devices for anti-social snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Exclusively to medically diagnosed patients.

This was believed to be the first commercial specialist dental laboratory in Europe.

Adrian Zacher invented a predictor device to determine if a patient would obtain benefit from mandibular repositioning and if a positive response was achieved provide the 'prescription' for custom device construction. Adrian obtained a Small Firms Merit Award for Research and Technology in 2002 to prototype his invention.

Adrian co-founded the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine and was architect and idea initiator of the pre-treatment screening protocol. Adrian Zacher took part in the Department of Health's 18weeks project for sleep and respiratory medicine (patients should start consultant-led treatment within 18 weeks of referral from primary care).



Executive Education Certificate

Futures Thinking MasterClassTools for Strategic Navigation in a Business Environment of Unprecedented Change


MBA (AMBA accredited)

Oxford Brookes University

An AMBA accredited MBA. Global Market Development Elective. Adrian Zacher found the multi-cultural dimension of this challenging course of study an under communicated benefit. 



Aylesbury College

Adrian Zacher decided to complete a two-year, two-nights per week evening class to develop his long standing interest in ICT.



Richmond College

Adrian Zacher believes this college has now been renamed "Stradbroke College".