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Adriano Medeiros

Software Engineer


I am a proactive and committed developer who believe that systems must be developed to facilitate the user's life. On 2010, I moved to Rio searching for new challenges and to pursue my Master's degree. Over the last 5 years, I have been working as a developer in a research institute, Tecgraf, and an IT consultant in the aviation industry. I have experience working in the whole software development life-cycle: meeting with the customer in order to understand its problem; defining the architecture and technologies; implementation/coding using TDD (Test-Driven Development); guaranteeing that the product is ready to be used in the client environment; and, dealing with bugs and improvements after the deployment.

6+ years developing Web applications including technologies such as Java, PHP, ASP, NodeJS, Javascript.
6+ years working with desktop development
5+ years of experience with CORBA and Web services technologies.
6+ years developing applications ER databases (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle,...)
1+ year working on pet projects using Big Data and non-sql databases


Self-starter, problem solver and a committed developer with strong experience in large systems software design. Over the last 5 years, I have been designing and building robust and large-scale distributed systems for an oil and gas company, and I also have been working as a developer team leader in projects for the aviation industry. Passionate about working in small teams and projects which prioritize agile development through continuous integration, code reviews, task branching and regular release cadences. I am enthusiastic about being part of Google working on cutting-edge information retrieval algorithms, scalability challenges related to big-data and impact in the life of millions around the world. 

  • 5+ years developing Web Applications and Desktop systems using technologies such as Java,  Lua,  C,  PHP, ASP, Javascript/AJAX
  • 5+ years of experience with Database Design including technologies such as SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • 3+ years of experience with component based applications and service-oriented architectures.
  • 1+ year working on pet projects using NodeJs and Non-SQL databases (MongoDB, CouchDB...)

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Software Engineer


Provide a multi-purpose, extensible and distributed Capture and Access solution for Petrobras. This solution supports digital media recording from different devices and the automatic generation of multimedia documents for later review. The first version was deployed at October of 2013, since then we have been working on features according to new demands. As a small team, everyone participates of the entire software development life-cycle including tasks such as meetings with the customer, system design, user interface specification, technical issues, implementation of codes using Test-Driven Development (TDD), code review and deployment. Technologies: Java, Lua, C#, Oracle, SQLite , CORBA, Component-oriented programming, HTML5, Javascript, Git, Windows, Linux, Maven

Sep 2010Present

Dev Team Leader

Airframes Engineering

Responsible for providing IT cutting-edge software solutions for Airframes Engineering.  As a developer team leader, carries out tasks such as product definition, specification, requirement analysis, coding using TDD and software releases. Airframes audits more than 100 aircrafts rented by Petrobras. Our main product (Audit System) provides an integrated view of core business in real-time for different sectors of the company: (1) the logistic sector schedules engineers and managers hotel and tickets details; (2) the financial sector, based on this schedule, calculates the cost of operation for Petrobras; (3) engineers have a platform for creating reports and graphs; and, (4) managers can follow the inspections and analyse the reports before publishing to Petrobras. Technologies: Java, Hibernate, Spring, NodeJS, SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Tomcat, Git, Jira, Junit, Maven, AngularJS, JQuery, Bower, NPM

Aug 2007Dec 2009

Researcher & Developer

UESC- State University of Santa Cruz

Development  and maintenance of web systems for the Departments of Economics and worked improving serial algorithms through shared, distributed and hydrib memmory paradigms. Technologies: Linux, C/C++, OpenMP, MPI, PHP, PostgreSQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS.