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I enjoy many sports, but soccer/ football in particular. I support Manchester United in the English Premier League, but rarely have the opportunity to see them live. I regularly watch the local semi-professional team in Charlotte called the Charlotte Eagles.

I also love to watch my kids play at North Meck Soccer Club, where I also play in the beginners Adult League.


Senior manager with fifteen years of consulting experience to global firms in multiple industries, including financial services, government, insurance and telecom. Combines excellent program / project management skills with a strong technical and functional architecture background. Quick to learn and understand content to ensure immediate impact. Organized and disciplined approach to managing complex programs and developing high performance teams.

Work experience


Principal, Financial Services

Diamond is a premier management and advisory firm serving Global 2000 clients worldwide. Diamond's small, collaborative teams of experts work across functional and organizational boundaries with senior client executives to improve growth and profitability.

Goldman Sachs; New York, NY Program Manager, Capacity & Resiliency PMO (Sept 2007- Sept 2008)

Created and managed a program to centrally monitor metrics and projects to improve capacity and resiliency. This program is one of Technology and Operations highest priorities due to market volatility and is sponsored by the co-CIOs of the firm.

  • Implemented a program governance structure, creating a Steering Committee comprised of senior management from Technology and Operations
  • Developed communication used to keep key stakeholders informed, including the firms Audit Committee, Management Committee, CFO, CIOs, Head of Operations and co-CAOs
  • Developed a reporting structure and associated tools including templates, detailed processes and a SharePoint site to store and track project documentation
Wells Fargo; Minneapolis, MN & Des Moines, IA Project Manager, Wholesale Lending Operations (March 2007- June 2007)

Led team of five Diamond resources and several client resources to analyze wholesale mortgage processing across 20 sites and to review project management practices. The analysis was used to develop best practices and standardize processes across the sites. The project significantly improved productivity, in addition to implementing more rigorous project management processes.

  • Led multiday workshop to review existing process documentation & metrics and develop approach for field support team
  • Managed multi-location field support team, initially focused on data gathering followed by implementation of Quick Hits to improve immediate productivity
  • Created centralized inventory of existing projects, developed prioritization process and implemented a project management governance framework for ongoing projects
Ameriprise Financial; Minneapolis, MN Project Manager, Capability Domain Transformation (Oct 2006 - March 2007)

Led team to remediate multiple aspects of a newly outsourced technology delivery organization. The team identified six core themes, formed workgroups around each and conducted bi-weekly workshops with 40+ delivery managers from across the organization. The recommendations from the assessment phase were prioritized and piloted with several areas resulting in dramatic improvements in the relationship between the client and their third party outsourced vendors.

  • Led team of three Diamond resources, plus indirectly responsible for 30+ client resources across multiple workgroups that were responsible for creating recommendations
  • Led bi-weekly workshop meetings with 40+ managers to deliver recommendations from individual workgroups
  • Led initial pilot to implement recommendations to a subset of development areas resulting in immediate improvements in the clients working relationship with vendors
Project Manager, Agenda Contention Analysis (April 2006 - September 2006)

Led a team of client and Diamond resources to conduct an assessment of contention points between a large-scale data center migration and a large change program, consisting of many separate programs and projects. The analysis resulted in a change to several large programs to optimize technical and human resources, mitigating the risk of contention.

Program Manager, Advisor Technology Solutions (July 2005 - March 2006)

Led the creation and ongoing management of a program management office (PMO) to support a large ($50M+) program to support technology changes to the advisor platform. As a result of the creation of the program the client was able to implement a large change to advisor technology on a scale that had not been previously possible.

Total Systems Services (TSYS); Columbus, GA                                          Project Lead, Disaster Recovery Risk Assessment (April 2005- June 2005)

Analyzed disaster recovery environment, implemented project management governance and developed documentation to support a federal audit. A successful presentation was given to the federal examiners which presented a favorable view of the improvements made to Disaster Recovery capabilities and the client's long term commitment to address remaining gaps.

Motorola; Chicago, IL Project Manager, Customer Interaction Strategy  (January 2005- March 2005)

Co-led the business track for a seven-week assessment of the company's customer acquisition and retention strategy. The project used multiple assessment tools including interviews, day-in-the-life-of studies, data gathering, workshops, and surveys. Primarily involved in conducting interviews and day-in-the-life-of studies which included senior-level executives from multiple regions and business units. The project resulted in a CEO-sponsored initiative to radically change the corporate approach to acquisition and retention.

Wells Fargo; Phoenix, AZ & Colorado Springs, CO Program Manager, Customer Interaction Enhancements  (April 2004- December 2004)

Led the business track of a 12-week sales model redesign assessment project. As a result of the findings, several subsequent change projects were recommended. Led a team of client resources for one of the follow-on projects, which focused on improvements to customer interactions across two large operations centers. The project implemented a number of improvements, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency.

Goldman Sachs; New York, NY Project Manager, Model Tracking Tool  (February 2004- April 2004)

Led the requirements-gathering and software-evaluation phases of a project to identify a workflow tool to manage pricing model inventory. Primary role was to work with the risk-management group to define workflow and related business requirements. Based on the requirements, existing internal software products were evaluated to determine the best fit. The project developed a detailed requirements document, prototype, recommended solution, and project plan for the customization of the selected software.

ABN AMRO; Chicago, IL Business Track Lead, Multi-channel Integration  (October 2003- February 2004)

Led planning phase for approach to implementing multi-channel integration to enhance CRM capabilities. Primary role was the manager of the business team responsible for the analysis of the current state and the development of a future-state vision. The project developed a high-level roadmap for the implementation of several multi-channel initiatives.

Apr 2003Oct 2003

Contract Business Analyst

Exervio Consulting

Managed implementation of a marketing management tool for the debit card group of a leading national bank.

Apr 1996Mar 2003

Senior Manager

Multiple project management roles on retail and commercial banking projects at NationsBank/Bank of America, First Union/Wachovia and Citizens Bank.

  • Led a 16 month project to re-engineer retail and commercial customer statements/notice processing. Project resulted in annual postal cost savings of $4 million and improved delivery times to customers.
  • Led a team of 5 client and Accenture resources to enhance the core deposit system environment. Customer statement and other forms re-branded with minimal customer impact. Improved account opening process for the Money Manager product allowing a better customer experience. Significant run-time improvements to the core deposits system competed to ensure additional merger-related transaction volume could be handled.
  • Co-led a team of 5 resources responsible for the successful introduction of new check repair equipment and software in two of the largest check processing sites in the US (Los Angeles and San Francisco).
  • Managed all aspects of testing related to merger consolidation for a large bank's wire transfer systems and operations. Introduced formal processes for identifying test cases, writing scripts and managing testing execution. As a result of the coordinated test planning, the actual live conversion event resulted in minimal customer impact and no negative impact to the wire operations team.
  • Led a small team on a short project to analyze deposit operations for a medium sized bank and propose re-engineering initiatives to improve cost savings. The project led to 10 quick hit initiatives, over 20 medium to long term projects and an assessment of best practices related to the operation.
  • Led the project team responsible for system and process development associated with a new asset management product. The product impacted multiple lines of business, including brokerage, retail branches and call centers. A third party broker-dealer was introduced through an outsourcing agreement, requiring additional coordination, especially related to development and testing. The project resulted in the successful launch of the Money Manager product rated as the best asset management product just a year after the launch.
  • Managed all aspects of testing for both a merger consolidation project and a related system enhancement project. Using system testing and development experience, led a successful testing phase, positioning the project for an on-time implementation with minimal customer impact.

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