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Work experience

Dec 1982Present

Claim Handler

RSA Insurance

In my position with Royal and Sun Alliance, I was dealing with policies on a Direct Debit basis. I am actively involved in the processing unpaid Direct Debits both manual and automated, dealing with Credit card Unpaid Direct Debits, all of which are on an automated list to which I have to retrieve each day from the computer mainframe. Other lists retrieved like this include No Debit Issued Item lists and Auddi rejection lists. Processing Direct Debit Instructions are a daily task, which I undertake as they have a 24-hour turnaround, thus I am used to working to a tight deadline. In fact 70% of the tasks I work on have a tight deadline from the end of the working day to no more than a 24-hour turnaround.

I am active in the setting up of policies, amending them and dealing with the various accounting queries in relation to the policies.

Other tasks I was involved in are processing Bank Indemnity Claims received from the bank, Reconciling Bank Accounts, processing amendments and cancellations to policies, dealing with the customer over the phone and answering queries, dealing with the policyholder by letter. Giving customer satisfaction is the core value of Royal & Sun Alliance. It plays an integral part of my working day as I am in contact with policyholders who regard me who is often the first person they talk to as the voice of the company, and it is important that they get the help and satisfaction that they require. 100% customer service 100% of the time they are dealing with me.

On a daily basis I regularly liased with offices nation-wide, dealing with various accounting queries. Out side the realms of my position, I regularly designed Memo and stationary design for the department therefore updating procedures and the way tasks are done. I was involved in the setting up a letter and memo library that could be accessed on the Customer Accounting Centre shared computer folder by members of the office.

In the past I have managed the department Intranet site. Therefore demonstrating my knowledge of PowerPoint presentations.

On a weekly basis I maintained and updated all of the procedures for the tasks involved for the Team. This provided easy access for the newer members of the Team to access the relevant information for the tasks they are being trained on. To establish a successful team, everyone needs to know their role, be ready to help each other, and have mutual respect. Successful teamwork is plays a key role in the establishment of a properly run set of people. I have been active in playing my part in the establishment of the running of my team. I provide guidance and support to others in the team so that team effectiveness is enhanced.

I have also participated in being a Health and Safety Officer for the department. I took part First Aid training, proactively acting as team trainer, maintaining and updating training procedures, maintaining files for the team, documenting work-flow data, I attend and actively participate in regular team meetings and carry out actions that arise, authorizing Direct Debit Electronic Transmissions, payment of Claims, dealing with Electronic Transferral of files to the main office is a large part of my daily tasks within the realms of my position as Customer Manager I am also part of a team of 4 with the Daily Banking of checks, Giro Slips and Credit Card payments, Dealing with Inter-Branch Advises and auctioning Daily Reconciliation lists, processing Automated Direct Debits, which was done via the Mainframe.

I was involved set up of Spreadsheets for Banking Calculations and workflow data on EXCELL, I compile letters to policyholders and banks using WORD. On a day to day basis I operate an " AVAYA CALLMASTER V" deskphone.

I am currently using the following software:


I have an in depth knowledge of all of the software I currently use, enabling me to train others in their use.

I worked as part of a team of 9, and I am proactive in demonstrating the core value of "teamwork". I aid and assist the more junior members of the Team, in their understanding of the job involved. I act a "referral point" for them and any other member of the team. I am proactive in a highly motivated team to optimise the contribution of individual members. I am also a participant in the "Data Protection Act" when speaking to policyholders, banks and other units. Thus providing confidentiality in the non-disclosure of personal details with out the authorised security protocol in place.

As part of my daily routine, I also participated in other clerical duties, of which filing, photocopying and taking minutes for various team meetings are included. I also sort all of the post for the team and for the department.

In addition I have had 4 months Underwriting experience in the Royal Alliance Small Business Department. I was dealing with quotations for Property Owners, Shops and Offices from January 2nd to 18th April 2006. I experienced what it was like to work in an Underwriting Department, before returning to my department on the 18th April 2006.

A week later I was transferred to the Coinsurance Recovery Team.

I was responsible for handling my own portfolio contacting claims references where coinsurance applied. I contacted coinsurers to request their coinsurance proportions.

I maintained Coinsurance Review Spreadsheets that calculated the exact coinsurance reimbursements that the respective coinsurers owed. I then requested from them via a series of letters or emails, their individual reimbursements. On receipt of the individual coinsurance payments, I log them on a database that kept a record of monthly incoming coinsurance cheques.

I liased with claims handlers, coinsurers, solicitors etc to bring the coinsurance claims to a conclusion a balance the coinsurance spreadsheets.

I am also part of the Sports and social Club where I initiated Staff Schemes eg, the Desk Lottery and the Sports and Social Club News Letter.

I know that I have more than adequate experience to meet all of the requirements and expectations that you are looking for. I am therefore confident that I can and will be an asset to you should you employ me for this position.

Jan 1982Jun 1982

Trainee Office Assistant

Community Health Council

This was part of a Youth Opportunities Training Scheme where I participated inGeneral Clerical duties, Typing Filing, Photocopying, Messenger work,Telephonist, Attending meetings and taking minutes.

Jan 1981Dec 1981

Trainee Office Clerical Assitant

Commission For Racial Eqality

Trained in all aspects of Office work, including Reception and telephonist work I was a Youth Opportunities Trainee.

My Duties included General Clerical duties, Typing, Filing, Photocopying, Messenger work,Telephonist, Receptionist with day to day operation of a PABX1 switchboard attending meetings, liasing with the Commission Officers, dealing with race related complaints.


Sep 1974Jul 1979

Golden Hillock School

O LEVELS in English Language, English Literature, French, Home

Ecomonics, Biology, Sociology and Music

CSEs in History, Typing, Mathematics, Woodwork and Geology


Supervisory Skills
Vice Chairman of Dudley Hospital Radio supervising the running of the Station.   Church Warden of St Edmund King and Martyr Dudley.
The Internet
I am well versed in the internet and I have used this skill for *Web Site Design for Charity Groups *Poster Design and Distribution *Greeting Card Design and Sale for my church *Church Magazine Editor and Designer  


In applying for this position, I am seeking a challenging role that will allow me to utilise and maximise on past experience. My personal objective is to work towards achieving the best for my company as well as myself, securing a position that will offer the opportunity to display initiative, creativity and management accountability.


In applying for this position, I am seeking a challenging role that will allow me to utilise and maximise on past experience. My personal objective is to work towards achieving the best for my company as well as myself, securing a position that will offer the opportunity to display initiative, creativity and management accountability.


Myu Hobbies include:



Im a Paranormal Investigator with The Black Country Paranormal Research Group

Web Designer for Charity Organisations

I am a Church Warden for St Edmund King and Martyr Dudley

Theatre / Cinema

Gardening and Garden Design Cooking



Russian Martial Art called SYSTEMA

Broadcaster and Presenter for Dudley Hospital Radio