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Adriana Valencia Reyes

Materials Engineer


I'm interesting in product development (R&D) or production. As a material engineer I have the knowledge to research, develop, specified and design materials (like polymer, metals, ceramics, and composites) from raw materials to finished product. I took special courses in corrosion, mining and glass. I have experience in research, specially in Material Characterization and I have knowledge in simulation software (FlexPDE y SolidCast), multimedia edition, project management software (PODIO) and management tools like KPIs and BSC.

As a volunteer I've been able to lead people of different backgrounds, work in teams, sales, public speaking, teaching, handle the logistic of events and protocol.

I would like to contribute to development of a better society and a more enjoyable word.


Work experience

Mar 2009Jul 2013

Young Research (Student Assistant) 

University of Antioquia – Research Group CIDEMAT
  • Laboratory Analyst: operation and data analysis of Raman Spectrometer and other equipment for materials identification ● Assistant in projects related to corrosion, hard coating, renewal energies ● Logistic team in some events like seminars, and staff in some technical fairs to offer the service portfolio to external companies.

Scientistic production

  • Article “Estudio de las propiedades de mezclas de alcohol polivinílico-almidón de yuca-sorbitol obtenidas por casting”, in Revista Colombiana de Materiales. 4(2013). 41–55.
  • Poster about molten salt for solar thermal concentrators, in VII International Materials Congress. Medellin (Colombia), 2013.
  • Oral presentation about molten salt for solar thermal concentrators, in XXII International Materials Research Congress. Cancun (México), 2013.
  • Oral presentation about antiinflamotory effect of natural products, in X Colombian Congress of Phytochemistry. Popayán (Colombia), 2009.


1) Team Leader (Feb 2014 – Dec 2015)

AIESEC in Colombia (Local Chapter: UdeA), NGO

  • Internal communication (2015-actual): support the implementation of a new virtual platform ● Outgoing Exchange Director (2014-2015): lead and develop a 10 member team for sales, selection and support of exchange participants ● External Relationships (Sep-2014): fundraising and logistic for a recruitment event ● National Support Team (2014-2): Responsible of Training Cycle for national Marketing members, facilitate national events.
  • Achievement: A national award for outgoing exchange Tier 1 (Dec 2014)

2) Social Exchange (Jun 2015 – Jul 2015: 1.5 months )

AIESEC – Dr José Peralta Public School ( in Manta, Ecuador)

  • Support art and science class for children aged between 6 and 11 ● Talks about interculturality and natural resources ● Motivate children to read.
  • Learning Point: Work with kids and people of different cultural mindset

3) Sport & City Events:

  • Translation support team, in World Urban Forum (2014)
  •  The Bahamas Team Assistant, in Panamerican Softball Championship (2012)
  • Protocol team, in U-20 World cup (2011)
  • Delegate services and protocol for Medal Ceremonies in: Suramerican Junior Diving Championship (2013), Panamerican Junior Diving Championship (2011) and X Suramerican Games (2010).