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More than 10 years of experience architecting, implementing, leading and launching software products, by being talented in agile processes, backend, frontend and mobile development, object-oriented and functional programming; makes him very well suited for many of the areas in the industry bringing ideas to life.

Work History

Nov 2018Present

Software Engineer


Following Logitech's acquisition of StreamLabs effective November 2018, continuing with the same set of responsibilities and projects. 

Nov 2018Nov 2019

Software Engineer


Contributing to the overall success of the Streamlabs organization, from their leading streaming software, to Creator Sites, to the Streamlabs Prime part of their business model, and more projects including leading the latest in development; by designing, developing and interacting with partners and platform providers, introducing best practices among teams, working closely with product and management.

Mar 2017Aug 2018

Sr. Software Engineer

My Learning Baby Ltd

Implemented their native apps and supporting GraphQL and serverless backends, assisting the web development efforts, enforcing code quality through code reviews and automation, driving product direction and features, operations, and more.

Oct 2016Feb 2017

Software Engineer

Everchron - Los Angeles, CA

Extending and adding new patterns into the user interface, architecture, services and search functionality, enabled users to correlate case data in a more efficient way, as well as being able to link and -more importantly- find cases, evidence and witness data; ultimately, helping them win cases. 

Jul 2015Oct 2016

Lead Software Engineer

Kindly, Inc - Los Angeles, CA

Led the effort towards the part of their business model that generates revenue, by architecting, developing and managing the web and mobile interfaces that would allow users to interact with coaches and experts (professional users).

Collaborated closely with the CEO to introduce agile practices, as a result the development of the features was shorter and of better quality.

Architected, presented and executed the migration path away from Parse, being discounted around that time, enabling the existing systems (including their mobile app) to continue to function without user interruptions.

May 2015Jul 2015

Sr. Software Engineer

Undelay.IO - Phoenix, AZ

Introduced the practices of continuous deployment, shorter iterations, and significant automation to allow the team to deliver faster, with better quality, and more confidence. This reduced the amount of time in feedback loops, which brought confidence to customers and made them more involved. Also took an integral part in the architecture of the system with a focus on scalability.  Company was later acquired by InSequent.

Mar 2015May 2015

Software Engineer

StackBuilders Inc. - NY

Working closely with a small team, QA and client representative, contributed to the development of real-estate property management and portals for the Durst Organization, one of the oldest family-run commercial and residential real estate companies in New York City, results that led to being featured by the New York Times.

Oct 2014Feb 2015

Software Engineer

MCProHosting LLC - Fort Lauderdale, FL

As a full-stack developer contributed to the successful public launch of a video game streaming product that would later be acquired by Microsoft. 

Notably, envisioned and implemented the real time architecture of the website, which was a huge contributing factor in increasing user engagement.

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Ruby/AngularJS Software Developer

GreatHires Ltd. - San Francisco, CA

By refining their development process, and being able to iterate quickly across all areas of this application, it was made possible for GreatHires and the team to successfully launch to their most significant client in the form of Intuit. Responsibilities were diverse, but the ability to break down problems and introduce release scopes was essential to the product's success.

Jan 2013Jun 2014

Lead Software Engineer

Skindler Ltd. - London, UK

As a team leader and senior engineer of a project collaboration and real-time communication product, was a driving force to their launch, getting involved in every part of the test-driven development of the platform with both in-house and consultancy team members.

Achieved and enforced development quality and transparently enabled visibility, while working closely with the founder and product manager to ensure the best product, architectural, and technological decisions were made.

Jun 2012Jan 2013

Sr. Ruby Engineer

Searchfuse - Dubai, Dubai

Led the development of the SEO-as-a-service platform and managed to secure their private launch to an initial set of clients and partners. This wouldn't have been possible, if not for his involvement in a full rewrite of its original implementation.

Leveraging his operational and system administration background, proposed and successfully delivered on the promise to reduce operational costs by 150% by migrating away from Platform as a Service providers into a more in-house approach.

Mar 2011May 2011

Software Engineer

Simplificator AG - Zürich, Switzerland

Performed client work for a client-oriented company, where implemented payment gateways and client libraries for a major Swiss bank, Facebook applications for social media companies, internal systems for increasing team productivity and visibility, coupled with automation tools.

Achievements & Certifications

Jan 2012Present

Official Debian Developer

Became the first official Debian developer from his home country.


Official Ubuntu Developer

He also became the first official Ubuntu developer from his home country, with similar responsibilities as a package maintainer than those of Debian's.


Jul 2004Aug 2007

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Martires de Chile - Havana, Cuba

In addition to completing the full program, joined an initiative to build a software group in the facility from its roots. During that time, designed a handful of applications for the educational sector, mostly automation tools, while training and coaching new developers. The final year's thesis was an C++/MFC firewall which was awarded as the best of the year.