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A full-stack polyglot software developer with more than 10 years of experience architecting, implementing and leading software solutions spanning across web, mobile and desktop environments. Not a generalist, but an expert in many of the areas that interconnect across the industry, with an ongoing goal of becoming a complete and integral professional. He possesses an uneasily matched talent for learning and exploring new technologies and practices, devising solutions and solving problems without sacrificing code and product quality. He utilizes and enforces the best practices and metrics, visibility and completeness, always towards ensuring that progress and quality are measured, and his ultimate focus is customer and team satisfaction by "shipping" the best work possible in as timely a manner as possible. He is also an agile and pragmatic developer, comfortable choosing the best tool for every job, and refining and adopting new processes given the product's needs. He is a strong communicator and hard-worker who is highly knowledgeable and experienced. He is a leader by nature, and a strong addition to any development team that shares his mentality, stack and traits. His life dream is to develop an app that is installed on every smartphone in the world.

Work History

Jul 2015Present

Lead Software Engineer

Kindly, Inc

Under roles resembling those of a CTO, he's taken almost complete ownership of the development of Kindly's social application, developing their primary source of revenue by providing experts and coaches a web interface that complement the iOS application in place, rebranding their entire website and increasing user acquisition.  He's the tech lead for the web application and complementary microservices, working in multiple languages; manages and architects their entire infrastructure, stack and code with patterns such as immutable infrastructure as code, Flux and Data Context Interaction, all while providing continuous deployment, error monitoring and notification, as well as analytics, from scratch. Inherited a backend based on hosted Parse, and managed that in addition to the one required by the web layer, while also performing a migration to hosted Parse due to service's imminent closure. By managing infrastructure he has also substantially reduced operational costs, and when required debugged Objective C code to resolve critical widespread issues affecting most users. Most of the technologies involved in Kindly's stack were brought in from scratch, and they are: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Go, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, MariaDB, Firebase, Docker and orchestration managers, JavaScript (ES2015), AngularJS (1.x), Redux, React, Ghost, Kong, Nginx Lua, Slack bots, Parse Server, Sentry, Fluentd, Kibana, among others.

May 2015Jul 2015

Software Engineer


Brought in to develop social integrations for their dynamic rendering and adaptive design platform, developed social media components and integrations for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others in a test-driven fashion, by leveraging OAuth and service APIs to enable truly dynamic widgets to be integrated into end-user websites. Besides development, provided architecture and infrastructure support, as well as product design feedback. Enabled a complicated stack to be simplified under development by improving the Developer Experience of the entire team. Regarding production, introduced the practice of continuous deployment and feature flags. Worked with technologies including Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Backbone Marionette, AWS, ImageMagick, Redis, Sidekiq, Docker and Stripe.

Mar 2015May 2015

Software Engineer

StackBuilders Inc.

Working closely with a small team, QA and client representative, contributed to the development of real-state property management and portals for the Durst Organization, one of the oldest family-run commercial and residential real estate companies in New York City, getting featured in a New York Times article. By following agile practices and delivering user stories in a test-driven fashion, was involved in the construction and iterative improvement of the portals for specific properties, the administration interfaces, the role and permission system involving managers, leasing managers and system administrators, the CMS for property information editing and addition, the User Interface, animation and SVG manipulation, migrations, data exporting, among other areas, while improving development quality and visibility by integrating specific tools and processes. The project's stack was composed by Ruby and Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker, Redis, Pundit, Rolify, etc.

Oct 2014Feb 2015

Software Engineer

MCProHosting LLC

As a member of a very talented team, contributed to their successful public launch of their video game streaming product. Reaching out to most areas of it, from front-end to backend, helped engineer a future-proof streaming platform. Implemented their realtime (or live loading) architecture, reusable components, build system, during a very intensive time and very fast development cycles. This position required advanced knowledge of Node.JS, AngularJS, RTMP streaming, etc. Managed to enable the application to run in container-based environments, namely Docker. Used Python to implement support for popular third-party tools such as LiveStreamer.

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Ruby/AngularJS Software Developer

GreatHires Ltd.

Through no shortage of contributions, allowed GreatHires to continue the development of the platform for it's most significant client in the form of Intuit, and to launch successfully for them. Responsibilities were diverse, as fast iteration and agile development was a necessity. Participated in the development of the product from the outside-in. Database query optimization & performance improvement, front-end development, as well as envisioning new and better patterns for its architecture and significant project refactors were among the most significant tasks while working closely with their CTO and the rest of the team. Technologies used include: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, and more.

Jan 2013Jun 2014

Sr. Lead Software Engineer

Skindler Ltd.

As a team leader and senior engineer of a project collaboration and realtime communication product, was a driving force to their launch, getting involved in every part of the test-driven development of the platform with both in-house and consultancy team members. Achieved and enforced development quality and transparently enabled visibility. Worked closely with the founder and product manager to translate their use cases into executable specifications. Excelled at the full-stack development of the product, managed their entire AWS infrastructure, platforms and processes. Architected business dashboards in order to provide meaningful business metrics to management. Designed an blazingly fast hypermedia-aware API from the ground up, while open sourcing a gem in the process, integrated payment processors for the product and their own monetization, monitored performance closely with local tools as well as NewRelic. This project included tools like Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Grape, MongoDB, Socket.IO, Node.JS, etc.

Jun 2012Jan 2013

Sr. Ruby Engineer


Led the development of the SEO-as-a-service platform and managed to secure their private launch to an initial set of clients and partners. Performed a full rewrite of its original implementation to better reflect the customer's intent, allow fast and agile feature development, and to adhere to code quality and best practices, then continued and supervised development of the platform from a technical perspective. Enabled and managed the scalability of the product (from an architecture and a team's point of view), engineered a truly asynchronous distributed system and the interaction among internal services such as a website crawler, analysis and reporting engines, external service provider APIs and user data, working at nearly big-data scale. Implemented most of the algorithms needed to score and rate different sites regarding SEO metrics, the design of its API in full, as well as contributed to the user interface and experience. Participated heavily in the product's design and development decisions working closely with its founder. Significantly reduced the operational costs by deploying and managing the servers in-house as opposed to previous cost-inefficient solutions in place. Technologies used in this project included Ruby, Ruby on Rails, EventMachine, Celluloid, MongoDB, Sinatra, map reduce, etc.

Mar 2011May 2011

Software Engineer


Performed client work for a client-oriented company, where implemented payment gateways and client libraries for a major swiss bank, Facebook applications for social media companies, internal systems for increasing team productivity and visibility, coupled with automation tools. Used technologies such as the Facebook SDK, ActiveMerchant, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, as well as several others.


Jul 2004Aug 2007

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Martires de Chile

In addition to completing the full program, joined an initiative to build a software group in the facility from its roots. During that time, designed a handful of application for the educational sector, mostly automation tools, while training and coaching new developers. The final year's thesis was an C++/MFC firewall which was awarded as the best of the year.


Achievements & Certifications

Jan 2012Present

Official Debian Developer
Debian ( is one of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions. He became the first official developer from his home country, while he continued maintaining packages, integrating upstream patches, collaborating with the original software authors...

Official Ubuntu Developer
Ubuntu is the most popular GNU/Linux distribution. He also became the first official developer from his home country, with similar responsibilities as a package maintainer than those of Debian's.