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Work experience

Jun 2015Jul 2015



I worked the front of the house mostly. I worked the register everyday. I packed the food customers ordered and I served it to them. I made sure the lobby was clean and in order throughout the day. 

Apr 2015Jun 2015

Kitchen Prep

Bob Evans

Make sure the grill line has enough chicken, pot roast, soups, mash potatoes, gravy, fruits and vegetables. Make sure the grill line and waitress area has everything they need for a dinner/lunch rush.

You bake bread, cookies and make sure waitresses have enough rolls and biscuits. You make salad orders when they come back as well as desert orders.

Nov 2014Apr 2015


New China

Hosting: You get how many people are at a table. You seat them. Then you get them their drinks. You answer phones for carry out orders. You ring people up. You clean up after each table and reset the table.

Waitress: You seat people. Ask for their drink orders while they look over the menu. Then you take their orders and get it into the computer. You get their appetizers. You take their dirty plates and take out their main course. You ask if they might need boxes. If yes you go back and get boxes and fortune cookies. You give them their receipt. You help them check out. Then you go and clean off the table and reset it.

Apr 2012Jun 2013



Work register, cleaned floors, cleaned lobby, cleaned bathroom, Took trash out, worked back window, work front window, made fries, made ice cream sundaes, made ice cream cones, made smoothies and coffees.


Aug 2011Jun 2015


Columbia City High School

Core 40 diploma


Helping others

I try my hardest to help others before I help myself.


I have been in show choir and dance for many years. I can choreograph dances and pick up on them quickly

Hard Working

I work hard when I have something put in front of me