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Current Status

Current Position: NPDI Specialist for the Zone Americas, GLOBE Inc. Based in Glendale, California.Work Permit: Entitled to live and work permanently in the US and in Switzerland. 

Career Profile

More than 10 years’ experience as business process consultant and implementation manager across multiple industries including food & beverage, consumer electronics, government, agriculture and engineering in multiple countries such as US, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Hong Kong (China).

Specialist areas include leading change in organizations, introducing new business processes, building expert- and collaboration (sustainable) networks as well as expertise in Stage-Gate, Innovation & Renovation, Project & Portfolio Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business-to-Business-E-Commerce, Mobile Customer Service, and Software Development.

Highly developed interpersonal and leadership skills acquired as the result of executing and being accountable for the success of large implementations, building local networks of champions and super users and rallying over a thousand individuals while introducing a significant amount of change in their ways of working.

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

NPDI Implementation/Sustain Zone Americas

Nestlé GLOBE Inc.

Employee @ Nestle for Zone Americas

Phase 1: Implementation & Roll-out (until the end of 2011)

Implemented “NPDI” solution based on Nestle proprietary I&R process and SAP PPM 5.0 (Portfolio & Project Management) for all Nestle markets in the Zone Americas performing more than 75 on-site process & system workshops and training more than 1350 people in 13 countries (17 sites) in 18 months.

Coordinated all aspects of the implementation for 4 US divisions, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Region – including knowledge transfer to local teams, project migration into the new solution, go-live audits & declarations while achieving an implementation quality score of 96% between good and excellent (through market surveys).

Phase 2: Mature & Sustain (until the end of 2012)

Build Super User Network including 26 NPDI market/business champions and over 150 super users. Strengthened network through in-person workshops and continuous knowledge transfer/sharing. Worked closely with local teams to ensure continuity, local ownership and compliance with process and system requirements.

Performed on-site market visits to evaluate and improve the I&R maturity level periodically. Elaborated and supervised corrective actions while advised on longer-term continuous improvements. Reported market assessment results to markets’ VPs and executive leadership teams directly. Achieved "good" and "excellent" I&R maturity levels in accountable markets within 12 months of phase 2 of the implementation.

(Current) Phase 3: Sustain & Leverage

Currently facilitating executive portfolio reviews by developing and promoting reports to visualize I&R pipeline value, complexity and financial/growth expectations while driving/influencing project prioritization and focus.

Developed and implemented KPIs to monitor and improve portfolio data quality. Achieved 94% data quality compared to 11% at the beginning of the year.

Initiated and currently manage social media group with over 100 active participants to promote knowledge sharing, cross market collaboration, adherence to I&R best practices and most important to foster a deeper sense of community around I&R in the Zone Americas.

Nov 2008Mar 2010

Senior Consultant - Project Manager

Nestlé S.A.

Contractor/Freelancer @ Nestle S.A.

Implementation of a NPDI (New Product Development & Introduction) solution based on SAP Portfolio and Project Management (RPM, cProjects 4.5 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0) at the strategic business units and R&D centers.

Main activities:

  • Project Management (organization and execution of workshops, timelines and work packages)
  • Blueprint (identification of business Requirements, analysis and specifications)
  • Construction (configuration of business requirements and testing)
  • Deployment (acceptance & sign off)
  • Support (training & documentation)

Scope of the NPDI solution:

  • Portfolio Management
    • I&R (Innovation and Renovation) Portfolios
    • R&D (Research and Development) Portfolios
  • Stage Gate Approval Process
    • Concept, Development, Industrialization, Launch & Post Launch
  • Project Management
    • NPDI timelines and MS Project
May 2007Oct 2008

SAP RPM & NetWeaver Consultant

Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation BIT

Consultancy on behalf of Data Migration AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Consultancy and technical support for SAP NetWeaver Portal & Collaboration, SAP xRPM applications. Design, blueprint and implementation of a call-center solution based on SAP R/3 and WebDynpro for Java. Technical support for end users based on automation of user login and passwords inquiries and notifications. Design and implementation of a prototype to evaluate the resource management capabilities of SAP xRPM (Resource and Portfolio Management) for internal and external resources of IT projects and departments. Integration of SAP and Non-SAP Web Applications into SAP Solution Manager in order to process customer service requests.

Aug 2000Oct 2008

SAP Consultant


SAP Consultant working for diverse customers in the following areas: SAP RPM/cProjects, SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver (Enterprise Portal). More details on customers, projects and solutions implemented upon request. Work time period: 2000-2008

Sep 2007Feb 2008

SAP xRPM & cProjects Consultant


Consultancy on behalf of Data Migration AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Technical lead during the design and implementation of an xRPM Pilot Project for Construction Projects (engineering & sales), Process Management and Research and Development Projects. The Program and Project Management Application (PPMA) allows projects managers to increase transparency in their construction projects integrating complex structure from SAP PS into a more phase oriented structure in xRPM and cProjects. The PPMA capabilities allow Area Managers of R&D and other areas to compare the project progress and prioritize budgets. Project Managers will be able to access all relevant information including costs & financial information, operational data and documents from one central cockpit.

Scope of the solution implemented:

  • Portfolio and project management with RPM and cProjects
  • Document management with Collaboration Rooms/cFolders/DMS
  • PS/FICO/HR Integration
    • Integration PS to cProjects
    • Integration of Financial and cost information to RPM
    • Integration of HR employee availability for resource management
Nov 2006Apr 2007

SAP xRPM & Netweaver Consultant

Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation BIT

Consultancy on behalf of Data Migration AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Consultancy in SAP xRPM, SAP NetWeaver Portal & Collaboration. Design and implementation of a prototype to evaluate the portfolio management, project management, resource management and reporting capabilities of SAP xRPM (Resource and Portfolio Management) for internal and external resources of IT projects and departments.

  • Strategic Portfolio Management with Portfolio Simulations, What-If Scenarios & Reporting Cockpit
  • Strategic Project Management with Budget & Cost Planning, Project Proposals and Portfolio Reviews
  • Operational Project Management with cProjects, Collaboration Rooms and Resource Management (internal and external resources) based on simple role approach and task assignment.
Sep 2006Apr 2007

SAP CRM & NetWeaver Consultant

Syngenta International AG

Contractor/Freelancer on behalf of Capgemini Germany @ Syngenta in Basel, Switzerland

Project Co-Lead of a team with over 20 project contributors during the blueprint & realization phase with focus on the design & construction of the solution and later on monitoring and coaching of the technical deliveries. Design and build of the business blueprint documents and the technical specification for SAP E-Commerce for a B2B Scenario.

Apr 2006Jun 2006

SAP CRM & E-Commerce Consultant


Contractor/Freelancer on behalf of SAP Germany @ SONY Europe in Brussels, Belgium

Design and build of the business blueprint documents and the technical specification for an Upgrade from SAP CRM 3.1 to SAP E-Commerce for CRM 5.0 in a B2C and B2B Scenario. The blueprint covered changes and implementations impacted by the technical upgrade.



Spanish language in spoken and written form
English language in spoken and written form
German Language in spoken and written form


Advance Leadership at Nestle - Approved for 2014

Rive-Reine - Vevey, Switzerland

Certified SAP Technical Consultant (SAP NetWeaver 2004)

Aug 2013Present

Leading Organizational Change

Nestle University - Glendale, USA
Aug 2013Present

InsideOut Coaching

Nestle University - Glendale, USA
Nov 2011Present

Foundations: The Leadership Challenge

Nestle University - Glendale, USA
Oct 2013Present

Supply Chain Matters

Nestle University - Glendale, USA